Grand Fireworks over the Pacific Oecan

2019 summer
we plan 17 fireworks nights in Ito beach area.
Grand Fireworks Day is 10th August.

Please find following schedule. Dont't miss them!


20th July (Sat) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

28th July (Sun) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks
30th July (Tue) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks 
31st July (Wed) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks
where: Ito Beach (5mins. walk from K's House)



1st Aug (Thu) 20:00~20:30 ★1,000 fireworks

where: Usami Beach (5mins by train from Ito Station)

2nd Aug (Fri) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

3rd Aug (Sat) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach

6th Aug (Tue) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

7th Aug (Wed) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach



8th Aug (Thu) 20:50~21:00 ★800 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach

Exclusive event: 800 fireworks followed by Lantern flowing on Matsukawa river 19:30

9th Aug (Fri) 20:50~21:00 ★800 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach

Exclusive event: 800 fireworks followed by Japanese Drums Performance Competision from 18:00


10th Aug (Sat) 20:00~21:00 ★10,000 Grand Fireworks

Where: Ito coat line (5 launching bases)


14th Aug (Wed) 20:00~20:30 ★2,000 fireworks 
Where: Yahatano coast (15mins. by train from Ito Station)


15th Aug (Thu)20:00~20:30 ★800 fireworks

Where: Kawana Beach (10mins. by train from Ito Station)



17th Aug (Sat) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

Where: Ito Beach

22nd Aug (Thu) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks

Where: Ito Beach



24th Aug (Sat) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks

Where: Ito Beach





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