Great Fireworks over the Pacific Oecan

Every summer we have big fireworks in Ito beach area.

Please find following schedule. Dont't miss them!



29th July (Fri) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks
30th July (Sat) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks 
31st July (Sun) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks
where: Ito Beach (5mins. walk from K's House)



1st Aug (Mon) 20:00~20:30 ★1,000 fireworks

where: Usami Beach (5mins by train from Ito Station)

2nd Aug (Tue) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

3rd Aug (Wed) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks
4th Aug (Thu) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

Where: Ito Beach



8th Aug (Mon) 20:50~21:00 ★800 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach

Exclusive event: 800 fireworks followed by Lantern flowing on Matsukawa river

9th Aug (Tue) 20:50~21:00 ★800 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach

Exclusive event: 800 fireworks followed by Japanese Drums Performance Competision


10th Aug (Wed) 20:00~21:00 ★10,000 fireworks

Where: Ito coat line (5 launching bases)


14th Aug (Sun) 20:00~20:30 ★2,000 fireworks 
Where: Yahatano coast (15mins. by train from Ito Station)


15th Aug (Mon)20:00~20:30 ★800 fireworks

Where: Kawana Beach (10mins. by train from Ito Station)



16th Aug (Tue) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

17th Aug (Wed) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

18th Aug (Thu) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks

19th Aug (Fri) 20:30~20:50 ★1,000 fireworks
Where: Ito Beach



22nd Aug (Mon) 20:30~21:00 ★1,500 fireworks

Where: Ito Beach





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