Opening Celebration Party !

【Opening Celebration Party !】

Date : 26th December (Saturday)
Time : 19:00~
Place : K's House Hakone
Fee : Free


It's got cold these days and you didn't have a cold, did you :) ?
On this ocassion, our 9th branch, K's House Hakone, has just opened this month !
We are now organizing Opening Celebration Party for the celebration !
We will prepare some kinds of Japanese food, so feel free to join us !
Why don't you add Japanese flavor to your Christmas this year ?


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K’s House Kyoto was also voted the No.1 Hostel in Asia 2004 & 2013 and K’s House Tokyo was voted the No.2 Hostel in Asia 2006 and the No.1 2007.
K’s House Mt.Fuji was voted “Best Value” in Asia 2010.