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From the origins of manga to bidding farewell to an icon: Tribute to Toriyama sensei.

Recently, the world mourned the loss of a prominent figure in the world of manga and anime, Toriyama Akira. With his cre...

Tale of Genji

Do you know the oldest novel in the world? It is "The Tale of Genji" in Japan. It is said to have been written by the au...

Top Choice: Tokyo Hanami by Staff!

Tokyo is home to numerous parks, gardens, and streets that burst into bloom during cherry blossom season, offering visit...

Ramen Recommendation! Slurp-worthy stops: Savoring 3 standout spots

In the sprawling tapestry of Japanese cuisine, where every dish is a masterpiece, one particular delight stands out amon...
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Petals of Reflection: A Journey into Sakura

sakura, cherry blossom
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The Beckoning Cat Chronicles: Origins and Legends of the Maneki-Neko

manekineko, Japan tradition

Staff’s favourite cafe in Asakusa①~FEBRUARY KITCHEN~

FEBRUARY KITCHEN Asakusa has had a coffee culture for a long time, with many old fashioned coffee shops. Among them, FEB...
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Beneath Our Feet: The Silent Language of Tenji Blocks

Walking through the streets of Japan, there's something you see every day, throughout the day, in many places. Yet, perh...

Valentine’s Day in Japan: A Unique Celebration

Valentine's Day, known in Japanese as "バレンタインデー" (Barentain Dē), is a festive occasion in Japan with a blend of traditio...
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Narita City, more than you expect

Tired of boring layovers? Narita, the city that will charm you beyond its airport. Yes, you read that right, there's a w...

Discovering Odaiba: Tokyo’s Island Oasis

Nestled within the serene embrace of Tokyo Bay, Odaiba (お台場) emerges as an artificial island, enticing visitors with a c...
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Setsubun: Winter’s Closing Ceremony

Setsubun, a traditional Japanese festival, holds a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people, signifying the tr...