Famous locations of movies in Kyoto

Famous locations of movies in Kyoto Do you like Kyoto? Kyoto flourished for over a thousand years as a capital long ...
Mt.Fuji-Travel Tips

Prediction the weather around Mt.Fuji by the types of clouds

It is easy to travel to Mt.Fuji area from Tokyo. However, It is much better to get there when the weather is perfect! We introduce some types of clouds to predict the weather around Mt.Fuji.

Highly Recomended 10 sightseeing spots in Hida-Takayama (by knowledgeable local staff)

Hida takayama in Gifu prefecture is one of historical city which has "Takayama Festival (Held on Spring and Autumn) and "Takayama Jinya (old goverment office)in Japan. And also famous for a sightseeing hub to "Kamikouchi" and "Shin-hotaka"area which you can feel great nature of Japan North Alps.
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

2-Hours Journey from Asahidake Onsen

Asahidake Onsen and K's House Hokkaido are located on middle of mountain. Some good places for killing time before check-in and after check out. Let's go together.
TOKYO-Tourist Attraction

Easy Tokyo trip with Oedo line

Do you know that there are 84 lines in Tokyo where more than 14million people are living ?  It must be hassle to travel ...
KYOTO-Local Culture

Let’s stay at Kyo-Machiya!

Let's stay at Kyo-Machiya, a traditional town house in Kyoto! Many people who visit Kyoto may be interested in staying ...
TOKYO-Tourist Attraction

10 Recommended tourist spots in Asakusa

About Asakusa The history of Asakusa starts from the 6 century and this city has been developing as the one of famo...
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

The earliest colored leaves in Japan at Daisetsuzan National Park

Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido Japan hosts the earliest colored leaves in Japan. Recommended trails, access and other related information about Asahidake in Autumn.