The Hida Takayama 13 recommended souvenirs, selected by our local staff.

Our hostel (K's House Takayama) staff in Hida Takayama has carefully selected souvenirs unique to Hida Takayama. We have...
TOKYO-Local Culture

Sanja Matsuri

Hello everyone! With the start of May, the temperature difference between cold and hot has become more intense, and it i...

Three thick noodle shops in Asakusa that I, a local staff member, have been visiting for 10 years

Staff who has been working in Asakusa for more than 10 years tells you his favorite Ramen restaurants in Asakusa.

How to get to Asakusa from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and major stations

How to get to Asakusa from Narita Airport, Haneda Airport and major stations *This article was updated in May 2023. <NOT...

Nice walk on sunny days

Hello. How are you all doing? I think there are many of you who have come all the way to Asakusa and would lik...
Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Top Best Spots to Photograph Mount Fuji in the Lake Kawaguchiko Area

It's not a secret that Mt.Fuji is a unique, sacred mountain that will always have a special place in Japanese culture.  It is also Japan’s tallest mountain and one of the biggest tourist attractions of all time.

Spring Song×Cherry blossoms in KYOTO with music videos

The season when Kyoto is vividly colored has arrived.Kyoto has been quiet for the past few years,but it seems that the l...
Mt.Fuji-Local Foods

Let’s drink Japanese craft beers in Yamanashi Prefecture

Do you like Japanese beer? Four major breweries, Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory produce beer in large quantities not only for the domestic market but also global market. In the meantime, country's microbreweries are getting popular in domestic market. However, you probably won't have a chance to try their products unless you travel to Japan. If you plan to visit the Mt.Fuji area in Yamanashi and would like to try the local craft beers to know the difference, check out this article!

Kyoto sightseeing staff recommended model course

We would like to introduce a model course for sightseeing in Kyoto designed by our staff living in Kyoto.The model cours...

Kyo-Machiya, a traditional town house in Kyoto. You can reserve the whole house with your family or friend!

Kyo-Machiya, a traditional town house in Kyoto. Many people who visit Kyoto may be interested in staying at Kyo-Machiya ...
KYOTO-Tourist Attraction

3 recommended hikes in Kyoto

3 recommended hikes in KyotoMost people visit Kyoto city to enjoy visiting shrines and temples and strolling historic to...

Now is the best time to visit Japan! Japan is super cheap now

Do you still think Japan is expensive!? Now Japan is a super cheap country to visit Hi everyone, After Covid pandemic...