Company Profile

K’s House was founded in Kyoto in 2003 with the concept of "Inexpensive, Convenient and Comfortable Accommodation for Travellers". 
Currently with 13 quality hostels and 4 villas in operation, we welcome over 180,000 guests from over 110 countries every year. (results in 2019)
In addition, as the first overseas expansion, we are targeting the launch of new luxuary villas in Siem Reap, Cambodia for 2022.


 Company name

 K's House Co., Ltd.

 Sakaguchi shoji Co., Ltd.


 418 Naya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city,   
 600-8142, Japan

 1-6-11, Ohgaito-cho, Hirakata city, Osaka-fu,
 573-0027, Japan




 Date of Establishment

 September 1st, 2006

 August 26th, 1976



 Business content

 Operation of hostels

 Operation of hostels and villas,
 Real estate leasing business, Travel business



 K's House Mt.Fuji          (opening in 2007)

 K's House Hiroshima        (opening in 2008)

 K's House Tokyo Oasis       (opening in 2009)

 K's House Takayama Oasis   (opening in 2016)

 K's House Kanazawa      (opening in 2017)

 K's House Kyoto     (opening in 2003)

 K's House Hakuba Alpus   (opening in 2005)

 K's House Tokyo     (opening in 2006)

 K's House Ito Onsen   (opening in 2010)

 K's House Takayama   (opening in 2012)

 K's House Hakone            (opening in 2015)

 K's House Fuji View      (opening in 2016)

 K's House Hokkaido    (opening in 2019)




 K's Villa Kamogawa-an, Matsumi-an,   Takasegawa-tei, Hida-an


 Real estate


 Hirakata Sentei, K's Espoir, KS Building
 and others 




 Mt.Fuji bus tour

Our Mission

Our most important mission is to make all of our guests fans of Japan through providing the best possible accommodations and services and to leave them with such thoughts as We are glad to choose K’s House and We are happy to come to Japan.

We wish people to experience the varied attractions found across Japan with its unique culture and history, abundant nature and splendid scenery, delicious food and relaxing hot-springs. With that thought K’s House has opened 13 hostels across Japan.

In order to contribute to the global community, K's House has been involved with various charitable organizations. Since 2005 we have sponsored 6 children through World Vision, providing financial aid to support some of the worlds' most vulnerable children. Furthermore, beginning in 2014 we have supported CIESF, benefiting the advancement of education in Cambodia and other developing countries.

In the near future K's House hopes to expand the range of our international charitable activities.
K’s House seeks to spread the beauty of Japan and contribute to making the world a better place.

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