Our Concept

Quality Hostel for Travel Lovers

K's House has been always Comfortable, Convenient and Good Value since our foundation in 2003. We aim to provide what travel lovers really hope. Homey and relaxing atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff. Well equipped facility and great location as travel base. All those features at the affordable price. Stay at our 13 quality hostels across the country to discover and experience Japan on your journey.


1| Comfortable for travelers

Clean and hygienic spaces  
Cozy common lounge where guests can meet other global travelers
Friendly, helpful and English-speaking staff

2| Convenient for travelers

Well located for sightseeing and stay
Fully equipped facility for long travel (full kitchen, laundry, high-speed Wifi, etc.)
Travel information and support from knowledgeable local staff

3| Good Value for travelers

High quality hostel with reasonable price
Affordable even for the very unique accommodation
    (hostels with natural onsen, cultural property architecture hostel, hostel in national park, etc.)


*The numbers of guests and countries are from 2019. The review score is the average of 13 hostels on Google.


2004  K's House Kyoto Asia No.1 hostel
2007  K's House Tokyo Asia No.2 hostel
2008  K's House Tokyo World No.9 / Asia No.1 hostel
2010  K's House Mt.Fuji World No.1 Best Value Hostel (
2011  World No.1 Hostel Chain
2012  World No.1 Large Hostel Chain 

2013  K's House Kyoto Asia No.1 / Japan No.1 hostel

2014  World No.2 Small Hostel Chain
2015  K's House Ito Onsen    Booking.Best Award (

2015  K's House Kyoto   No.1 Popular hostel in Kyoto

2016  K's House Kyoto   No.1 Popular hostel in Kyoto
2017  K's House Kyoto   No.1 Popular hostel in Kyoto
2017  World No.2 Hostel Chain

*All awarded by, the world biggest hostel booking site, except the ones individually mentioned above.

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