Live music performance by a master of KOTO (Japanese Harp)

Let's feel the sound of Japanese traditional instruments

Ryuten Hirabayashi , organizer of the shop kyomachiya Kiotto, 
will deliver to your ear and heart the sound of Japanese instrument (Koto and Kokyu).
Her desire is to introduce people the authentic sound of Japanese traditional music.
She truly wants everyone to freely enjoy traditional Japanese music.
Please enjoy a relaxing time of Japanese sounds.
Date   : 19th of March 2018 (Monday)
Venue : K's House Kyoto 2F 
No reservation needed

Kiotto URL :

Review by staff U

First of all, thank you very much for everyone who joined the amazing moment. 
Thank you very much Ms.Ryuten Hirabayashi who played an amazing music. 

It wasn't only a very rare experience for guests from foreign countries, but also for us Japanese. 
My ears are so much used to modern and western music that I couldn't "understand" it first. 
But then I remembered what Bruce Lee said. 
When I stopped thinking and closed my eyes, it really started touching a special part of my Japanese heart. 

The last song "Hear the wind" that the master played was quite contemporary, and it even sounded like some sort of dance music. 
I even saw a guest tapping the rythm with his legs:)  

After the concert was over, I was very happy to see that our guests still enjoyed the great vibes, and became friends with each other. 

As always, to see our guests enjoy being there, that's all we want. 

We have to do it again...

p.s. I'm sorry that I was really into the music and forgot to take photos of her playing instruments...


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