Japanese Cooking Class by Marcelo!

Marcelo's Japanese cooking class!!

If you are  staying in Kyoto and salivating for that extra bit of Japanese cultural experience, 
than our Japanese cooking classes are the perfect activity for you! 

Each class covers a wide variety of dishes Japanese people have daily inside their houses, 
from appetizers to dessert.
A full course class will be taught to you using only ingredients you can easily find in your own country and 
most imporantly at the convenience of having this service at K's House by an wonderful, funny, skilled and licensed (of course) chef in Japan.

!!Reservation required!! : 
Only for guests of K's House Kyoto
Venue     : the kitchen at K's House Kyoto
Duration  : 2 hours (12:30 to 2:30)
Language : English and Spanish available
URL         :
Special Campaign! : check the website for details and find out how to receive a special present!

Goup of 4 to 5 people .... 3,500JPY / person
3 people                    .... 4,500JPY / person
2 people                    .... 5,800JPY / person 
1 person                    .... 9,800JPY 
*all prices are TAX INCLUDED
*please mention if you would like to cook vegetarian, vegan, Kosher and Halal meals
*Attention: the reception has no control over the bookings, please place your request for the class directly with Marcelo by email or application form online.


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