Winter season just came

How are you doing, these days?

Winter season just came and many attractions can be experienced in Kawaguchiko area to enjoy winter season such as...

Winter fireworks

Date  :  Every Saturday and Sunday between 17th January to 22nd February and 23rd February 2016    
Time  :  8:00pm-8:20pm
Place :  Oike park(only few minutes from our hostel) 

*Fuji-san Snow Festival

Date  :  15th January to 25th February 2016
Place :  Open space in Kawaguchiko Art Museum

You can play in the snow and view some objects made with snow.

Viewing snow capped Mt.Fuji must be amazing experience.
However, we hope you visit Mt.Fuji area not only viewing Mt.Fuji also feeling the beauty of the winter.


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