Kagura Show!

Do you know "Kagura(神楽)"??

The ancestors of the Japanese people believed
that everything that happened in the world was because of the gods.
Therefore, in fall, harvested crops were offered in a holy place, preparations for festivals were completed,
and the ceremony conveying gratitude to the gods came to be called “Kagura”.
So, at the same time that Shinto Shrines were built around the country, Kagura spread as well,
was continued by the Shinto priesthood and the local people,
and has been preserved and passed on as a present day Japanese folk art in various places and forms.


You can watc\h those special traditional show in Hiroshima!!!! 
Why don'you try???

Date: every Wendensday
Time : 18:00- 
Place : Hiroshima Prfectural Citizen's Culture Center
Price : 1,000JPY

For more inforimation...

Kagura Show!


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