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Find Real Onsen Quality. Gensen Kakenagashi

The town of Ito has more than 700 hot spring sources and boasts the 4th largest volume of natural onsen water in the country.
Our fresh & pristine onsen water is provided directly from K's House's own sources and continuously overflow from the bathtubs 24hours a day, 365 days a year. 

What's Gensen Kakenagashi?

'Gensen Kakenagashi' literally means "Natural hot spring water from the original source continuously overflowing".

Our onsen temperature is controlled by mixing two natural spring sources at different temperatures.
Absolutely no water is pumped from a tap into the tub.

Overflow spring water goes straight into the drain 24/7.

You won't be disappointed with a smell like a swimming pool because non-circulated, non-filtered, 100% pure onsen water needs NO sterilization process by chlorine.

It is told that less than 5% of the thousands of onsens in Japan are 100% pure Gensen Kakenagashi.

It's just 90 min. away from Tokyo and your JR pass covers all the way. 
Our super friendly staff will welcome you! 





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