Backpackers Hostel K’s House –Kanazawa- 3-132 Shintatemachi, Kawazawa city, Ishikawa

How to get to K's House from JR Takayama Station

1-option A, B. Leaving JR Kanazawa station by the East exit, bus stop no.7.

2-A. Take KANAZAWA LOOP BUS (Left Loop). 

Get off at the stop "LL6 SakuraBashi".

3-A. Walk 100m to the direction of  bus the (opposite to the river). Then turn left at the 2nd traffic light. 


*One day bass pass ticket for LOOP BUS is available at reception.


2-B. Take local bus "18 bound for Tobusyako". 

Get off at the stop "Saiwai-cho".

3-B. Walk back 150m, turn left at the first traffic light. ThenWalk 180m and turn right at the next traffic light. 


4-A,B. After walking 30m, you will find a brick building of K's House Kanazawa on your left.

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Access Guide

電車乗り換えガイド 電車乗り換えガイド

Travel time and fares are approximate, they will vary depending on seat type and other factors

K‘s House was voted the No.1 Hostel Chain in the world 2011 & 2012 by customers.
K’s House Kyoto was also voted the No.1 Hostel in Asia 2004 & 2013 and K’s House Tokyo was voted the No.2 Hostel in Asia 2006 and the No.1 2007.
K’s House Mt.Fuji was voted “Best Value” in Asia 2010.