Nature: Common Birds in Takayama

Takayama is in the harmony of historical town and nature.

You can see it is surrounded by mountain range and Miyagawa river flows in the town. Until my bird lover friend influenced me,  I didn’t really realise many variety of birds live within the town.

I will show you most common birds in Takayama.

Along Miyagawa River (宮川)

1. Wagtail (セキレイ)

When you look at the river, something moving around on the rocks.

Here they are wagtails. They are busily wagging its tail.

2.Duck (カルガモ)

In winter many kinds of ducks come from the mainland.

Some of them stay all year in Japan. Babies are adorable following its mother.

3. Heron & Egret (ダイサギ)

A big bird is standing alone in the river. They move very slowly and stop for quite a long time. They are fishermans trying to catch a fish. Sometimes they are resting on the big Torii gate of Sakurayama shrine.


4. Kite

Did you know that kites have exceptional eyesight capable of spotting prey many kilometers away? I like to see them sliding in the sky, I wish I would be able to do the same.

Old Town 

5. Swallow & Sparrow

They are very common birds. They live just besides people.

Swallows build their nest under the eave of houses. Japanese people considered swallows good luck birds in old time.

Sparrows are so cute in winter. They look fluffy and round shape when it’s cold. Their feathers are able to trap pockets to keep the body warm.


Shiroyama Park & Kitayama Park

6. Japanese Tit (シジュウカラ・ヤマガラ)

They are not really afraid of people. They may get close to you while you enjoy your walk in Siroyama Park or Kitayama Park.

7.Bush-warbler & Warbling white-eye (ウグイス)

They are in Takayama only in spring.

You can easy to spot Warbling white-eyes on cherry blossom trees while it’s blooming, but you may not see Bush-warblers. Bush-warblers are usually hiding in the bush, but their voice is very distinctive and beautiful.

8.Dove & Bulbul (ハト)

They are very common birds in central asia.

They live close to people as nesting in the roof of houses.


Of course we have crows. Yes, our crows are smart too.

If you have a chance, you should go to Mt. Norikura which is one hour and half by bus.

You may be able to see rock ptarmigans (ライチョウ) which are very rare. Japanese ones only live in Japanese Alps.


written by K's House Takayama Team



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