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15 Funny&Weirds Bar/Caffe/Restaurants in Tokyo

Standing in aTokyo's nightlife is like a box of chocolates—if each chocolate was filled with the wildest, wackiest, and ...
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Staff Pick: Dive into Tantan Tsukemen at Asakusa Seimenjo

Staff recommendation Tantan tsukemen

Unlocking Katsuya’s Secrets: Staff’s Favorite Katsu Creations Revealed!

In Japan, fusion is much more than a culinary trend; it's a way of life rooted in the country's rich history and vibrant...

Ramen Recommendation! Slurp-worthy stops: Savoring 3 standout spots

In the sprawling tapestry of Japanese cuisine, where every dish is a masterpiece, one particular delight stands out amon...

Staff’s favourite cafe in Asakusa①~FEBRUARY KITCHEN~

FEBRUARY KITCHEN Asakusa has had a coffee culture for a long time, with many old fashioned coffee shops. Among them, FEB...
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Udon Unleashed: A Noodleicious Journey

Embarking on a culinary adventure through the world of Udon is like stepping into the heart of Japanese gastronomic trad...
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Ramen in Tokyo: Deliciously Simple and Surprisingly Varied

When you think of Japanese cuisine, images of sushi and tempura probably come to mind, but there's a humble dish that ha...