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Let’s drink Japanese craft beers in Yamanashi Prefecture

Do you like Japanese beer? Four major breweries, Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo and Suntory produce beer in large quantities not only for the domestic market but also global market. In the meantime, country's microbreweries are getting popular in domestic market. However, you probably won't have a chance to try their products unless you travel to Japan. If you plan to visit the Mt.Fuji area in Yamanashi and would like to try the local craft beers to know the difference, check out this article!
Mt.Fuji-Foods & Drinks

Calling all café lovers – Kawaguchiko has you covered!

Kawaguchiko can be the ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of major cities. Many simply wish to unwind. With that in mind, here are some of the ideal places in the area to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee.
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Fancy a glass of sake made from Mt.Fuji water?

Have you ever joined a sake brewery tour? More than a few people have tried "sake" (Japanese rice wine) on their first t...
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Best spots and things to do at Lake Yamanakako★

Since I moved to Fujikawaguchiko Town. I have often come to Lake Yamanakako area. Driving around the lake, relishing the beauty of Mt. Fuji, and chilling in the natural environment. Now that is my favorite way of spending an afternoon. Today I’m going to write about four of my favorite spots you can enjoy in all seasons.