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ERFS(the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System)/ 受付済証(Uketsukezumisho)

ERFS(the Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System)/ 受付済証(Uketsukezumisho) From June 10, 2022, on the basis of New Border Me...
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

Road sign in Hokkaido

As a road user, driver, passenger or pedestrian, you will see various road sign which give you a message about the road....
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

Asahidake Onsen What is it like in Winter?

Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido. Information about Winter activities and access to Asahidake Onsen, and other useful information.
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

2-Hours Journey from Asahidake Onsen

Popular and Unpopular places to go Asahidake alpine is a mountainous region with alpine flowers, sweet-scented herbs, a...
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

The earliest colored leaves in Japan at Daisetsuzan National Park

The earliest Autumn in Japan The name "Daisetsuzan" is a name of mountain range, not a single mountain. It is also a pl...
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

“Gensen Kakenagashi” Day visit to Onsen at Asahidake Onsen

Brief history of Asahidake Onsen Asahidake onsen  has been enjoyed by people in Asahikawa area since early 20th century...