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Ashikaga Flower Park

Have you ever heard of Ashikaga Flower Park before? Ashikaga Flower Park is very famous for its wisteria flowers, and ma...

Top Choice: Tokyo Hanami by Staff!

Tokyo is home to numerous parks, gardens, and streets that burst into bloom during cherry blossom season, offering visit...
TOKYO-Tourist Attraction

Narita City, more than you expect

Tired of boring layovers? Narita, the city that will charm you beyond its airport. Yes, you read that right, there's a w...

Discovering Odaiba: Tokyo’s Island Oasis

Nestled within the serene embrace of Tokyo Bay, Odaiba (お台場) emerges as an artificial island, enticing visitors with a c...
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Setsubun: Winter’s Closing Ceremony

Setsubun, a traditional Japanese festival, holds a special place in the hearts of the Japanese people, signifying the tr...

One day Hiking from Asakusa

You may often decide to go hiking on a sunny day. There are many famous mountain climbing and hiking courses in Tokyo, b...

Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day

Seijin no Hi, or Coming of Age Day, is a significant celebration in Japan that marks the transition from adolescence to ...

Visit Asakusa, a “festival town” where every month is an event!

Our staff introduce you to the annual events in Asakusa. Find out what events are taking place in Asakusa in each month before you visit the "festival town" Asakusa.
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Discover Tokyo’s Hidden Gem: The Tranquil Gardens of Hotel Chinzanso

Tokyo, a city renowned for its vibrant energy and modern marvels, is also home to hidden treasures waiting to be explore...
TOKYO-Local Culture

Ameyoko: The Sweet History of a Street Full of Stories

In the bustling heart of Tokyo lies a magical place that has captivated both locals and visitors for decades: Ameya-Yoko...

Beyond the Clouds: Exploring Tokyo’s Enchanted Skytree

Step into the realm of Tokyo's iconic Skytree, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. Get ready to journe...

How to get around Tokyo easily and affordably

Our staff will introduce you how to get around Tokyo for those who visit Tokyo for the first time.