4 reasons we recommend you to experience Ryokan in Takayama

Firstly, we are not a ryokan, BUT we recommend to stay ryokan when your traveling in Takayama area.
It's simply because rokan is unique and beautiful accommodation style in Japan. You can enjoy traditional Japanese food and onsen together.
We strongly recommend you to experience it if you visit Japan.


There are many ryokans with natural onsen in and around Takayama, especially in Okuhida (Hirayu) and Gero. 

We believe Takayama area is one of the best area you experience ryokan. 
We listed 4 reasons below!

1,Takayama area has many onsens with the best quality.


Gero onsen is chosen as one of the three best onsen in japan by famous Confucianist in the Edo Era.(1hours and harf by train from city center.)


Okuhida area which is 1.5 hours from city center includes 44000 liter natural hot water / min from 100+ Spring Sources! So you can enjoy 100% natural hot spring.

You can feel different quality of hot springs.

2. You can enjoy the nature and onsen together.


Okuhida area we mentioned above is along Japan North Alps. So you can enjoy beautiful scenery and 100% natural hot spring together. In the winter you’ll take a outside onsen (rotenburo) with snowing alps! 

3.Easy to access to sightseeing spots.

Many onsen towns in Japan locate very far from sightseeings spots.

But in Takayama area, you can easily find where to go.


For example,

- Takayama Old Town (Sake breweries, Morning Market, Historical Walking Trails...)

- Bueautiful Alps, nature, Hiking (Kamikochi, Shinhotaka, Norikura)

- World heritage village (Shirakawa-go) or Hida folk village

- "less touristy" places (Osaka waterfalls, Furukawa and more)

- Skiing in winter season

- Kiso Valley (Magome-Tsumago)


4.You will have good rest in quiet Takayama city.


Traveling is so much fun but get tired as same time.

We sometimes need good take care of our body for next destination….

Takayama area is basically quiet as not many people and also night time is so silence.

You definitely sleep very well and to get charged for your next travel.

Ryokan is a little bit pricey if you are budget traveler.

So we are recommended to stay with us few nights to enjyoy Takayama to the full and trying to stay Ryokan one night for the experience.


Sometimes Ryokans have no English website. We are willing to help you make a reservation when you come here!


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