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One-day hikes! 16 recommended hiking trips in Yamanashi Prefecture

Yamanashi has excellent access options from Tokyo and there are numerous mountains that are ideal for one-day hikes. After carefully considering the many hiking trips I have taken in the past, I will present here some recommendations for you. My recommendations cover the following two areas: “Eastern/the Fuji Five Lakes Area” and “Mid/Western Area”.

【2023】Things to do & have fun in a rainy day in Kyoto.

Things to do & have fun in a rainy day in Kyoto. Having Fun In A Rainy Day In Kyoto Are you planning a trip ...
Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Mt. Fuji’s mystic forest – Aokigahara Sea of Trees

Aokigahara Sea of Trees is a beautiful lava forest on the foothills of Mt. Fuji but it has become known as "a haunted forest" overseas. Is it really haunted? We introduce you to the real Aokigahara with pictures and stories.
Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Gorgeous all year round, but especially in autumn – the still beauty of Shosenkyo Gorge

what if you wanted to really make a day out of experiencing the Yamanashi autumn? Shosenkyo might just be the answer. It is a gorge located north of Kofu city that is frequently considered one of the most scenic gorges in Japan.


Great Night Views in Kyoto Unlike the daytime appearance, the nighttime appearance also transforms into another trad...
Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Photogenic spots in the Mt. Fuji area as recommended by locals!

Here we will introduce some key locations near Lake Kawaguchiko where on a clear day you can capture a beautiful Mt.Fuji view. The photos in this article were taken using just a smartphone camera. 1.Kawaguchiko Bridge 2.Yagisaki Park 3.Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace 4.Fujisan Deck 5.Tenku no torii 6.Honcho Street 7.Kanadorii Gate for Mt.Fuji

【in the spring of 2022】Staff Recommended Kyoto Cherry Blossom Spots.

【in the spring of 2022】Staff Recommended Kyoto Cherry Blossom Spots. Fushimi Jikkokubune Haradani-en Kamigamo...
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The Border Measures in Japan under the Pandemic

((Updated Mar.8th, 2022)) Are general tourists allowed to enter Japan now ? As of Mar. 8th 2022,  Unfortunately, g...

Let’s try Local SAKE alcohol in Kyoto !!

It is no doubtful that having local drinks is one of the best parts of your trip by coming in touch with history, leani...

5 recommended spots in Kyoto in the early morning

5 recommended spots in Kyoto in the early morning Speaking of sightseeing in Kyoto, I get the impression that it is ...
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Road sign in Hokkaido

As a road user, driver, passenger or pedestrian, you will see various road sign which give you a message about the road....
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Kaga Onsen on a Day Trip from Kanazawa – Hot Springs of Yamanaka, Yamashiro, and Katayamazu in Ishikawa Prefecture

Kaga Onsen and Wakura Onsen are popular hot springs areas in Ishikawa Prefecture. If you go on a day trip from Kanazawa, Yamanaka Onsen town in Kaga Onsen area is recommended. Whenever you visit, you can enjoy walking around the onsen town and along the gorge nearby. After walking, take bath and warm up in the hot springs.