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Let’s drink Japanese craft beers in Yamanashi Prefecture

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Let’s drink Japanese craft beers in Yamanashi Prefecture


Do you like beer? Many of us enjoy a beer to relax after work. We drink at home by ourselves or go to pubs and chat over a beer with others. How about if you are traveling? Would you like to try the local craft beers and taste the difference?

According to the Law in Japan, children under 20 years old are not allowed to drink alcohol. Drunk driving is also prohibited. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy or when breastfeeding might harm unborn children and infants. Always drink responsibly.

What is beer?


Beer is one of the oldest drinks humans have invented and spread to the whole world. Beer-drinking dates back hundreds of years, with evidence even discovered on Mesopotamian tablets. Beer has been mentioned in many ancient writings such as the Code of Hammurabi.


Nowadays, the basic ingredients of beer are hops, malt, yeast and water. Malt is the basis of making beers. The color of the beer is decided by how much you roast the malt. However, this is not the only way to distinguish between beers. Hops are natural preservatives and make the bitterness and unique aromas for the beer. The same hops harvested in different years and locations will have different aromas. In ancient times, hops were not added to the beer, other ingredients were used instead. Yeast might be considered the soul of beer. Without it, beer isn’t beer, just a malt beverage without alcohol. 90 percent of beer is water. According to some research, the mineral in the water might significantly affect the taste of beer as well.

Hops   Source:

Brewing Process

Firstly, make the wort by heating malts at a certain temperature. Then add hops for the bitter taste and aroma. How many hops are added and how long the hops are boiled will decide the flavor of the beer. After cooling down the hopped wart, yeast can be added and stirred to start the fermentation process. According to the different yeast and fermentation temperatures in the fermentation tank, it will be dichotomized into 2 main types, lager and ale. Several days late, one fine handmade beer is bottled and produced!

What is craft beer?

Then, you might ask, “What is craft beer? How is it different from industrial beer?” Craft beer is made by craftsmen in a local micro brewery. They tend to be high-quality, high price, high variety but fewer in quantity. Some of them will attempt to use different materials like local fruits, crops or spices to create various tastes.

Is beer healthy?

When talking about alcohol, we often consider the negative impacts first, like drunk driving and alcohol intoxication. Some articles say that wine is good for your health, but did you know that having beer in moderation is good for your body too? Small quantities of beer every day may decrease the risk of heart disease and help digestion. However, there are two sides to every coin. Too much alcohol is harmful to your health.

Why Yamanashi?

Sengataki waterfall in Shosenkyo Gorge, Yamanashi, one of the 100 selections of famous spring water in the Heisei era.

The percentage of forest is quite high in Yamanashi Prefecture which is an area rich in water sources. To make delicious Japanese sake, wine, whisky or beer, water is a necessary element. The average temperature is lower which made Yamanashi an appropriate place too. With such good quality water and fresh air, alcohol made here is bound to taste good, right?

Craft beers in the Fuji Five Lakes area

Fujiyama Beer

This brewery was established in 1998 and located inside of the Fujiyoshida road station (道の駅) where you can taste the local soul food, Yoshida udon noodles and buy local agricultural products.

According to Reinheitsgebot, (literally “purity order” in German, meaning the regulation of limiting the ingredients of beer. Now, other ingredients are allowed, but the originals are still the mainstream.), Fujiyama Beer only uses the 4 basic ingredients, follows German brewing techniques and the equipment used is directly imported from Germany. This beer is brewed using the underflow water from Mt. Fuji. (Full of minerals!)

They also have a restaurant, Harves Terrace, where you can enjoy the gourmet dishes with fresh beer directly from brewery! You can have all 3 different kinds of beer, Pilsner, Dunkel and Weizen. Fujiyama Beer can also be found at local supermarkets if you wish to bring them home. Online shopping is also available for customers within Japan.

Weekdays: 11:00~17:00 (Last order 16:00)
Weekend & holidays: 11:00~19:00 (Last order 18:00)
(There may be changes of opening hours or temporary closures due to special conditions.)

Take the Fujikyu bus from Fujisan station, get off at Mt.Fuji Radar Dome or Sun Park Fuji and walk 5 minutes.

Fujizakura Heights Beer

Source: official website

Fujizakura Beer was established in 1997 and is located in the forest on the foothills of Mt. Fuji.

They also follow the Reinheitsgebot to brew beers, and they use the Fujizakurameisui (富士桜命水) underflow water from Mt. Fuji, too. The Fujizakurameisui mineral water company belongs to the same group as Fujizakura Heights Beer. They reuse the yeast more than once which helps it gets more used to the water. They use the finest ingredients, but the experience of the brewers is also notable. The brewers attended a vocational school for studying traditional German brewing techniques. They aim to make a beer that drinkers want to drink every day.

You can always enjoy the four standard beers, Pils, Weizen, Rauch and Schwarz Weizen. Sometimes there are limited editions or special made beers released. Always remember to check for the latest news!

Their restaurant, Sylvans was closed in 2022, but you can still purchase beers from their souvenir shop corner. Opening hours: 10:00~18:00, closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

Source: official website

Bright Blue Brewing

Comparing to other breweries, Bright Blue Brewing is quite new, opened in 2021 in Fujiyoshida City. This place was formerly an ice factory before it was renovated. The name Bright Blue came from the how the Mt. Fuji is the same bright blue color as the sky at the moment before dawn.

Their craft beers are created in collaboration with local farmhouses, using fruits such as strawberries, green tea and yuzu (Japanese citrus). You can taste their craft beers like Pilsner, IPA, Ale, Stout or Weizen. The beers available from their tap room depend on the staff-recommend choices on tap for customers to drink. They also sell original glasses, bottle beers and thermal bottles for to-go.

Info & Access
Tap room opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00~17:00
(Tips: There are sometimes food trucks lined up outside of the taproom, such as for pizza, tacos or lemonade.)
5 minutes walking from Shimoyoshida Station (Fujikyuko Line)

Other breweries in Yamanashi

Far Yeast Brewing

Source: Far Yeast Brewing Facebook

This brewery was moved to Kosuge village, Yamanashi, because of the good quality water. Apart from their TOKYO, KAGUA and OffTrail series, there are other projects where many local farm products like hops, plums, tomatoes, grapes and peaches are used for brewing beers. You can taste their beers in four of their original restaurants which are located in Tokyo, Atami (Shizuoka Pref.), Fukuoka and Taipei (Taiwan).

Yatsugatake Beer Touchdown

Source: Yatsugatake Beer Touchdown Facebook

This brewery is located in Kiyosato Plateau, Yamanashi. Their craft beers are made with the mineral water from Mt. Yatsugatake, fresh yeast from Germany and made by a No.1 Japanese beer craftman, Mr. Kazumi Yamada. You can enjoy their beers and Japanese curry rice in their original restaurant, ROCK, inside of Kiyosato Moeginomura.

Uchu Brewing

Uchu Brewing was established in 2017 in Hokuto, Yamanashi. New and limited flavors of beers are continuously released and on sale. You might be surprised at how many various types you can choose.

Please note that they don’t sell beers on the brewery site, you need to order online or go to the restaurants that serve them. Alternatively, visit their newly opened taproom from September, 2022 in Road Station Kobuchizawa. (Check their instagram and twitter posts for business hours and opening dates.) (Japanese only)

Outsider Brewing

Source: Outsider Brewing Facebook

A local and small brewery located in the central street of Kofu, Yamanashi. They are celebrating their ten year anniversary in 2022. You can enjoy their craft beers and gourmet dishes in their restaurant Hops & Herbs on the 2nd floor.

Persona Brewery

Source: Persona Brewery Facebook

This little brewery is located north of Kofu station, ten minutes away on foot. They always provide 8 different types of beers on tap for you to order. There is also a little, cozy space for tasting craft beers. A food menu is available.

TPM Brewing

This brewery is brand new from May, 2022 and located in Nishikatsura Town. The name is from the symbolic mountain of Nishikatsura, Mt. Mitsutoge. The owner has gained their professional knowledge and technique from a brewery in Fujiyoshida city. They will use the underflow water of Mt. Fuji in their products and wish to promote Nishikatsura Town to everyone.


Does this introduction make you want to visit Yamanashi and have a craft beer tour on your next trip to Japan? Please share with us your opinions about these beers and if you have found some other nice craft beers, we are eager to hear about them!

According to the Law in Japan, children under 20 years old are not allowed to drink alcohol. Drunk driving is also prohibited. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy or when breastfeeding might harm unborn children and infants. Always drink responsibly.