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Famous locations of movies in Kyoto


Famous locations of movies in Kyoto

Do you like Kyoto?

Kyoto flourished for over a thousand years as a capital long time ago. There are so many historic buildings and are decollating by cherry blossoms in Spring, orange leaves in Autumn. It is a picturesque city anywhere and is used by movies and dramas. 

Today, we would like to introduce you some locations that they used in movies and dramas. It must be to make your traveling in Kyoto much better to feel that if “actors were here”. 

Kamogawa Delta

Kamogawa Delta is located close to “Demachiyanagi Station” where is the nearest station of Shimogamo Shrine. This is the confluence of two rivers, Takano River and Kamo River. 

This place was used in a movie, “Kamogawa Horumo” by actors Takayuki Yamada and others are practicing for fights or “Tomorrow I Will Date with Yesterday’s You” by actors Sota Fukushi and Nana Komatsu date at beside of the river. How an awesome she can see him through the camera!

Kamogawa Delta


5-10mins walk from Demachiyanagi Station on Keihan Line


Higashi Hongan-ji (Temple)

Higashi Hongan-ji is the name of the head temple of the Otani-ha branch of Jodo Shinshu in Kyoto where locates just 10 minutes walk western from K’s House Kyoto. There is no entrance fee even such a one of famous temple in Kyoto. A movie, “Sekigahara” could film for the first time to use master bedroom which never be able to get a permission to film before.  

Actors Yudai Chiba and Ren Kiriyama visited this temple in a latest drama, “Good! Hikaru Genji-kun”. I would have definitely visited this place if I knew it!! 

Higashi Hongan-ji

Access・Open Hours

AccessNearest station Koto Station by JR Line

Business hours



Entrance feeFree

Higashi Hongan-ji (Temple) WEB SITE

CHION-IN (Temple)

You can’t miss the huge gate when you get this temple. This is one of the biggest gate in Japan which has 24 meters high, 50 meters width. You will find the beautiful slope shows up in each season after through the gate then turn back. This gate is used in a movie “Lady Maiko” by actor Mone Kamishiraishi and others performed musical or “Maiko Haaaan!!!” is used with maiko who has sword was down the stars. It must be very impressive scene that the gate is behind with 30 gorgeous maiko.


Access・Open Hours

Access: Nearest station Higashiyama Station by Tozai Line

Business hours: Unstable (Check the website)

Entrance fee: Free(not free at the garden)


NINNA-JI (Temple)

Chrysanthemum and cherry blossom is the symbol of this gorgeous temple. It is famous for latest cherry blossom which is level with your eye line. This temple is used in a movie “Rurouni Kenshin” by actors Takeru Sato and Emi Takei met for the first time or Shinichi Tsutsumi who played Nobunaga Oda was walking through the main road with his team. It is also World Heritage is used by many more in historical movies and dramas.


Access・Open Hours

Access: Omuro Ninnaji bus stop by city bus

Business hours: Unstable (Check the website)

Entrance fee: 500yen


Heian Jingu Shrine

Heian Jingu has an attracted gate at the entrance which is a shrine with a relatively history and also for free. This place is used in a Hollywood movie “Memoirs of a Geisha” by actors Zhang Ziyi walked brigde. Also an actor Sadao Abe was left out of the group in a movie “Maiko Haaaan!!!”. Personally, I love the line “Ossan Boy”. 

Heian Jingu Shrine

Access・Open Hours

Access:Nearest station Higashiyama Station by Tozai Line

Sanjo Station or Jingu-Marutamachi Station by Keihan Line

Business hours:Unstable (Check the website)

Entrance fee:Free(not free at the garden)

Heian Jingu Shrine WEB SITE

Travel Tips

There are so many tourists at daytime in Kyoto especially famous places. That’s the reason why shooting staff film in a very early moring. You might see the shooting if you get up earlier! In addition, it would be much more fun to watch any movies or dramas are set in Kyoto before visit!