Staff recommended Japanese gardens to visit in Kyoto !

Introducing the gardens that the local staff are glad to actually visit.
KANAZAWA-Local Culture

7 Authentic Japanese Spaces to Enjoy and Experience Matcha Green Tea in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is the great place to experience matcha green tea historically. I will introduce the beautiful places to taste and experience matcha in Kanazawa.
Mt.Fuji-Travel Tips

Something you need to know before climbing Mt. Fuji

Something you need to know before climbing Mt. Fuji When you think of Japan, what comes to mind? Samurai, geisha or s...
TOKYO-Other Topics

10 live webcams which make you feel Tokyo 

10 live webcams which you can watch Tokyo live! Hostel staff in Tokyo introduce the live streams with description of each spot.
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When to travel to Japan – Which Season to Choose?

Japan constantly attracts travelers from all over the world with its unique mixture of culture, unforgettable nature and delicious food. You need to decide which is the best season to go to Japan and we are here to help!
Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Great Mount Fuji photo spots – The Fuji Five Lakes –

The Fuji Five Lakes consist of "Lake Yamanakako" "Lake Kawaguchiko" "Lake Saiko" "Lake Shojiko" and "Lake Motosuko". Here is to know more information about Fuji Five Lakes such as the name, the location, the activities you can do in each lakes.
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

Asahidake Onsen What is it like in Winter?

Asahidake, the highest peak in Hokkaido. Information about Winter activities and access to Asahidake Onsen, and other useful information.

Famous locations of movies in Kyoto

Famous locations of movies in Kyoto Do you like Kyoto? Kyoto flourished for over a thousand years as a capital long ...
Mt.Fuji-Travel Tips

Predicting the weather around Mt.Fuji by examining the clouds

It's easy to travel to the Mt.Fuji area from Tokyo. However, It's much better to get there when the weather is perfect! Here we introduce some types of clouds so you can predict the weather around Mt.Fuji.

Highly Recomended 10 sightseeing spots in Hida-Takayama (by knowledgeable local staff)

Hida takayama in Gifu prefecture is one of historical city which has "Takayama Festival (Held on Spring and Autumn) and "Takayama Jinya (old goverment office)in Japan. And also famous for a sightseeing hub to "Kamikouchi" and "Shin-hotaka"area which you can feel great nature of Japan North Alps.
HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

2-Hours Journey from Asahidake Onsen

Popular and Unpopular places to go Asahidake alpine is a mountainous region with alpine flowers, sweet-scented herbs, a...
TOKYO-Tourist Attraction

Easy Tokyo trip with Oedo line

Do you know that there are 84 lines in Tokyo where more than 14million people are living ?  It must be hassle to travel ...