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Road sign in Hokkaido

HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

As a road user, driver, passenger or pedestrian, you will see various road sign which give you a message about the road.  You may know the color in red is warning, color in yellow is attention, also the shape in triangle, square or rhombus has their own meaning.

Hokkaido, a huge and non artificial “safari park”,  you can meet wild animals everywhere easily.  In different areas, the road sign have their own style to tell road users WHO will be met on the way.

The most well-known is the brown bear.  The sign in Hokkaido always with the date of the bear show up in that area.

Fox also large amount in Hokkaido, you will see them in residence area not only nearby forest.

In daily farm area, a lot of cow/ox/cattle sign to show the kind of them.

Deer is another large amount “residence” in Hokkaido.  From the sign, you will understand some of them always in hi-speed jumping, some area will come in group and some of them have pattern on his body (Bambi!!)

If you will do joyride in Hokkaido, try to figure out where you can find this one not in a designed shape!  (Flip book version)

In an area of East Hokkaido, squirrels have priority to use the road.





We have to keep clean and tidy everywhere.  The local government use their representative to ask everyone do not throw rubbish on the road.

Besides of the attention of animals, many funny road signs will draw your attention.  The below one said that a water closet is at 3.5km (Is it useful?! XD)

The above road sign which we found them here when traveling but not only in Hokkaido.  In Japan, we still have a lot of funny road sign in that area style.  Will they be a new collection in your travel album when have fun in Japan next time?