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Staff’s favourite cafe in Asakusa①~FEBRUARY KITCHEN~



Asakusa has had a coffee culture for a long time, with many old fashioned coffee shops.

Among them, FEBRUARY CAFE opened in 2012, where you can enjoy coffee brewed in an espresso machine and Pelican bread (a famous bakery in Asakusa). It is a stylish café in the modern style that always attracts many customers, and its sister shop is the café that I would like to introduce here today.


FEBRUARY KITCHEN is the third branch of FEBRUARY CAFE. This café is also stylish, with a glass-window interior that lets in outside light and creates an open atmosphere that is very comfortable.

I think there are more food items on the menu compared to the other sister cafés as the name of the cafe is ‘Kitchen’. It has been 10 years since I worked at K’s House Tokyo Oasis, and I personally think that FEBRUARY CAFE is the only café in Asakusa that has been running for more than 10 years and has opened several branches.


I also personally go there, and this time I would like to introduce you about this coffee shop and my favourite menu.


Tokyo Omelette Napolitan

The savory menu from lunch onwards consists of grilled cheese toast, omelette and Napolitan. The most recommended is the omelette Napolitan! Napolitan spaghetti is familiar to the Japanese and has a nostalgic taste. The noodles used for this Napolitan are thick and chewy! Rather than ordinary spaghetti, they are more like the straight thick noodles of ramen. Personally, I think the secret to the taste of the Napolitan here is the noodles! In fact, the noodles used here are made at a noodle factory called Asakusa Kaikaro. It has been featured on TV and is so famous that it is the first name that comes to mind when talking about ramen noodle makers in Tokyo. The pasta is made by Asakusa Kaikaro, which is famous as such a noodle maker.

The Napolitan is topped with a bulging omelette, making it a luxurious dish where you can enjoy both Napolitan and omelette at the same time. I asked the staff at the restaurant for their recommendation, and it’s no wonder why they said the omelette without hesitation.


Omelette rice with beef hashed rice

This is not a common omelette with ketchup rice, but an omelette with beef hashed rice sauce. It goes well with the acidity of the ketchup, but the thick hashed rice sauce and the fluffy omelette also go well together. If you are not in the mood for ketchup, this omelette is also highly recommended!



Not to forget to mention sweets or dessert which is everyone’s favourite after a meal. Feburary’s custard pudding is famous, but this time I tried the basque cheesecake, which has been very popular recently. The cheese is rich, but the sweetness is well balanced and delicious. The cake comes with rock salt on the side for a change of flavour.

Other limited-time-only sweets are also available, so you would like to want to come back to this café again and again.



The FEBRUARY CAFE family is particular about its coffee, and the coffee beans used at FEBRUARY KITCHEN are roasted in-house at sister shop FEBRUARY COFFEE ROASTERY. You can also order coffee as a take away, so even if the shop is busy, you can order coffee right away.


There are many more menus that you should try in addition to those introduced here. The bread that is used at FEBRUARY CAFE and FEBRUARY KITCHEN is from a bakery in Asakusa, and I feel it is a wonderful spirit to use local bread and local noodle makers. They have grilled cheese toast and many breakfast menus that use local bread, so I hope you will try those too!



Sister shop of FEBRUARY CAFE

FEBRUARY CAFE now has 4 sister shops.

feb`s coffee&scone


3 shops can be reached within a 10-minute walk from K’s House Tokyo Oasis. If you are staying with us, why not take the time to enjoy Asakusa in the morning with a morning meal made with local bread?

feb`s coffee&scone

It is no exaggeration to say that the famous café in Asakusa is a February cafe and its sister branches. If you come to Asakusa for a visit, please do not miss it. It is crowded at lunchtime and on weekends, so it is recommended to be prepared to queue or to avoid lunch time.