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Spring Song×Cherry blossoms in KYOTO with music videos


The season when Kyoto is vividly colored has arrived.

Kyoto has been quiet for the past few years, but it seems that the liveliness will return this spring.

By the way, what is your favorite “spring song”?

There are many songs about spring, especially cherry blossoms in Japan.

And there are many cherry blossoms in Kyoto. Yoshino cherry, weeping cherry, Kawazu cherry…

There are also cherry blossoms that each have their own characteristics and stories.

This time, we will introduce famous cherry blossom spots in Kyoto that match the many famous “spring songs”.

The cherry blossoms you see while imagining the story and description of the song may seem even more bittersweet.

【Sakura by Ketsumeishi × Sewari-tei】

Ketsumeishi’s Sakura is a heartrending music video about love born under the blooming Yoshino cherry tree and falling love.

Actress Emi Suzuki was very impressive.

That scene that comes to mind when you see cherry blossoms.

Sewaritei, which is said to be the best cherry blossom spot in Kyoto, may be a good place to bring back such memories.

More than 200 Yoshino cherry trees line the 1.4km promenade, and the tunnel of cherry blossoms in full bloom is a masterpiece.

When the wind blows, a blizzard of cherry blossoms that seems to bathe your whole body dances, and the cherry blossoms shine brightly in your field of vision.

If you walk along the rows of cherry trees while whispering, “The petals are falling, my memory will return,” you may be able to bring back bittersweet memories.

★Open Hours・Access

■Nearest station:Iwashimizu Hachimangu Station by Keihan Line and walk 10 mins

■Business hours:24 hours(No illumination)

■Entrance  fee:free

Ketsumeishi「Sakura」(2021 ver.)

Source:Ketsumeishi Official YouTube Channel @ketsume_official

【Sakura zaka by Masaharu Fukuyama × Honmanji-Temple】

The 90-year-old weeping cherry tree at Honman-ji Temple is a perfect match for this song, which is filled with sadness while wishing for the happiness of a loved one.

When you enter the bosom of the tree, you will feel as if the cherry blossoms are spreading their arms wide and wrapping you up.

Please look up at the cherry blossoms while listening to Masaharu Fukuyama’s sweet voice.

★Open Hours・Access

■Nearest station: Demachiyanagi Station by Keihan Outou Line and walk 10 mins

■Business hours:24 hours

■Entrance  fee:free

Masaharu Fukuyama – Sakura-zaka (Full ver.)

Source:Masaharu Fukuyama Official YouTube Channel @MasaharuFukuyama

【Haruyo koi by Yumi Matsutoya × Kamigamo Shrine】

The Saio cherry blossoms of Kamigamo Shrine, which is the pride of Kyoto, are perfect for the famous song that represents spring.

The red weeping cherry tree, which is said to be over 150 years old, is full of bright red flowers when it reaches its peak.

Saio is an unmarried princess who was once sent from the Imperial Court to serve the gods.

Saiozakura is said to have been admired by Saio, who served at Kamigamo Shrine.

Famous songs and precious woods that have been loved for a long time. Nothing beats this combination.

★Open Hours・Access

■Nearest bus stop: Kamigamojinja mae by City bus 4

■Business hours:8:00~16:45

■Entrance  fee:free

Yumi Matsutoya – Haruyo koi Music Video

Source:Yumi Matsutoya Official YouTube Channel @yuming_official

【Time After Time by May Kuraki × Arashiyama】

The singer who best fits Kyoto is Mai Kuraki.

It is sung at Heian Jingu Shrine and Toji Temple, and there are songs related to Togetsukyo Bridge, so I would like to listen to it while walking around Arashiyama.

We recommend the view of the valley from Arashiyama Park.

It’s a little quiet, so you can relax while sitting on the bench.

★Open Hours・Access

■Nearest station: Saga Arashiyama Station by JR Sanin Line and walk 15mins

■Business hours:24hours

■Entrance  fee:free

Mai Kuraki「Togetsukyo」Music Video(Short Ver.)

Source:Mai Kuraki Official YouTube Channel @MaiKuraki

【CHE.R.RY by YUI×Kamo River】

YUI-san’s cherry with the sweet and sour feeling of being in love on the guitar.

Cycling seems to fit well with this song, which conveys the excitement of unrequited love.

How about riding a bicycle along the Kamo River on a beautiful spring day?

The cherry blossoms at Shiokoji Bridge near K’s House Kyoto are especially spectacular, and you will want to stop and take pictures.

★Open Hours・Access

■Walk 5 mins from K’s House Kyoto

【Sakura ga furu Yoru wa / Aimyon × Takase River】

Winter has passed and warm spring has come, but the nights are still a little cold in April.

Why don’t you take a walk along the nearby Takase River at night like that?

The rows of cherry blossom trees along the Takase River from Gojo to Sanjo are lit up, showing a different look from the daytime.

The lyrics are sad Aimyon’s “Sakura ga furu Yoru wa”, but it’s perfect for a night walk which suits with a light guitar. Please dress up in warm clothes.

★Open Hours・Access

■Walk 5 mins from K’s House Kyoto

Aimyon – Sakura ga furu Yoru wa【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】

Source:Aimyon Official YouTube Channel @aimyong

【Cherry blossom Season -restart- / King&Prince × Hirano Shrine】

The announcement that Sho Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji would be leaving the group shocked Japan and the rest of the world.

It’s not really linked to the song, but I would like to introduce it because there is a shrine in Kyoto related to Mr. Sho Hirano.

Perhaps because of the name of the shrine, tiaras (a general term for fans) began to visit this shrine for prayers.

Many of Tiara’s wishes are drawn on the ema here, such as “I hope I can go to the King & Prince concert.”

In fact, Hirano Shrine is well known in Kyoto as a cherry blossom viewing spot.

Fans wishing for the future of Sho Hirano and King & Prince will visit this year, and there may be more visitors than usual.

★Open Hours・Access

■Nearest bus stop: Kinugasako-mae by City bus 205 and walk 3mins

■Business hours:6:00~17:00

■Entrance  fee:500

To Close,

There are many famous cherry blossom spots in Kyoto, and there are many magazines and articles about them.

This time, instead of just introducing famous places, I introduced famous Japanese songs that go well with them.

Famous cherry blossom spots and famous songs that Japan is proud of.

Please take a look at the cherry blossoms while humming.