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Great Mount Fuji photo spots – The Fuji Five Lakes –

Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Great Mount Fuji photo spots – Fuji Five Lakes –

About Fuji Five Lakes

Many of the most beautiful photos of Mount Fuji have a lake in the foreground. Most of these photos are taken near one of the “Fuji Five Lakes” located on the northern side of the Mt.Fuji area. But how much do you know about them?


Here you can find more information about the Fuji Five Lakes such as their name, locations, the activities you can do at each lake. We hope we can provide you with some essential travel tips to prepare for your trip in the Mt.Fuji area!

Yamanashi Prefecture ~The Lakes location~

The Fuji Five Lakes are “Lake Yamanakako” “Lake Kawaguchiko” “Lake Saiko” “Lake Shojiko” and “Lake Motosuko”. All five lakes are naturally formed and located in Yamanashi Prefecture. Another popular lake called “Lake Tanuki” where you can take photos of the breathtaking phenomenon “Diamond Fuji”, is located in a different prefecture. It was originally a swamp until it was made into an artificial reservoir in the 20th century. However, you still can see the Diamond Fuji from some of the Five Lakes such as Lake Yamanakako, with proper timing.

Lake Kawaguchiko

【General Information】

  • Location・・Fujikawaguchiko town, Yamanashi Pref.
  • Surface area・・・5.48km² (2.12sq mi)
  • Circumference・・19.08km (11.86mi)
  • Elevation・・・833m (2733ft)

Lake Kawaguchiko is located due north of Mt.Fuji. It is familiar to many people as a sightseeing base to go around the Mt.Fuji area due to it being the easiest to access among the Five Lakes by public transportation or car. There is also a wide range of choices for accommodation in the area.

【Things to Do and See】

Cycling, Black bass Fishing, Smelt Fishing, Art Museums, Trekking, Camping, Boating, SUP(Stand up paddle-boarding), Canoeing, Kayaking, etc.

【Popular photo spots for Mt.Fuji】

Oishi Park, Kawaguchiko Ohashi Bridge, Ubuyagasaki, Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, etc.

The view from Mt.Fuji Panoramic Ropeway

Lake Saiko

【General Information】

  • Location・・Fujikawaguchiko town, Yamanashi Pref.
  • Surface area・・・2.1km² (0.81sq mi)
  • Circumference・・9.85km (6.12mi)
  • Elevation・・・900m (2953ft)

Lake Saiko is located just west of Lake Kawaguchiko. There is not a great distance between the two lakes. However, Lake Saiko is over 50 meters higher than Lake Kawaguchiko in elevation. This snug and quiet place will surely make you feel closer to nature.

This lake recently became more popular when the “Kunimasu” (Black Kokanee) was rediscovered there in 2010. It was believed that this species had gone extinct.

【Things to Do and See】

Cycling, Trout Fishing, Crucian carp Fishing, Lava Caves, Trekking, Camping, Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, etc.

【Popular photo spots for Mt.Fuji】

Nenbahama, Saiko Wild Bird’s forest, Koyodai, Sankodai, Saiko Iyashi no sato Nenba, etc.

The view from Sankodai

Lake Shojiko

【General Information】

  • Location・・Fujikawaguchiko town, Yamanashi Pref.
  • Surface area・・・0.5km² (0.19sq mi)
  • Circumference・・6.8km (4.23mi)
  • Elevation・・・900m (2953ft)

Lake Shojiko is the smallest among the Five Lakes. This lake is an ideal place to take photos of the “Sakasafuji”(The Reflection of Mt.Fuji) since it’s surrounded by mountains, meaning wind doesn’t really blow near the lake. Another popular image “Kodakifuji”(The Child Hugging Mt.Fuji) can be seen from this lake. A small mountain called Mt.Omuro is located in front of Mt.Fuji and from a certain angle it looks like that Mt.Fuji (the parent) is hugging Mt.Omuro (the child).

【Things to Do】

Black bass Fishing, Crucian carp Fishing, Trekking, Camping, Canoeing, Kayaking, etc.

【Popular photo spots for Mt.Fuji】

Tategohama, Panoramadai, etc.

The view from the summit of Mt.Sanpobunzan

Lake Motosuko

【General Information】

  • Location・・Fujikawaguchiko town and Minobu town, Yamanashi Pref.
  • Surface area・・・4.7km² (1.81sq mi)
  • Circumference・・11.6km (7.21mi)
  • Elevation・・・900m (2953ft)

Lake Motosuko is 121.6 meters deep and is the deepest lake among the Five Lakes. The “Sakasafuji” image taken from the lakeside of Motosuko is printed on the 1000 yen banknote (this image will be changed in 2024).

By the way, these three lakes(Lake Saiko, Lake Shojiko and Lake Motosuko) are located on the same elevation. It is thought that these lakes were once a single large lake which was separated into three lakes by the lava flow of Mt.Fuji’s past eruptions. However, the lava only covered part of the lake’s surface, which means these three lakes must still be connected to each other via underground waterways.

【Things to Do】

Windsurfing, Trout Fishing, Smelt Fishing, Trekking, Camping, Scuba diving, Canoeing, Kayaking, etc.

【Popular photo spots for Mt.Fuji】

Tenbo Park, Nakanokura Pass, Mt.Ryugatake, etc.

Lake Motosuko is a home for windsurfers.

Lake Yamanakako

【General Information】

  • Location・・Yamanakako village, Yamanashi Pref.
  • Surface area・・・6.57km² (2.54sq mi)
  • Circumference・・13.87km (8.62mi)
  • Elevation・・・980.5m (3217ft)

Lake Yamanakako is famous for the “Benifuji” phenomenon, where Mt.Fuji turns crimson in the morning sun due to this lake being located east of the mountain. Winter is particularly bitter here since this area has the highest elevation among the Five Lakes. However, many people treat the lake as a summer resort because of the lower temperature and humidity.

This lake is also popular as a “Fujimarimo”(moss ball) habitat.

【Things to Do】

Cycling, Black bass Fishing, Smelt Fishing, Trekking, Camping, Boating, Water skiing, Flyboarding, Canoeing, Kayaking, SUP(Stand up paddle-boarding), etc.

【Popular photo spots for Mt.Fuji】

Yamanakako Panoramadai, Kirara, Nagaike Shinsui Park, etc.

Best spots and things to do at Lake Yamanakako★
Since I moved to Fujikawaguchiko Town. I have often come to Lake Yamanakako area. Driving around the lake, relishing the beauty of Mt. Fuji, and chilling in the natural environment. Now that is my favorite way of spending an afternoon. Today I’m going to write about four of my favorite spots you can enjoy in all seasons.


The view from Yamanakako Panoramadai


Did you know there were so many photo spots in just the Fuji Five Lakes area? Some people choose to go on a one-day trip because of the easy access from Tokyo. However, you might need more time since there’s even more to enjoy such as onsen (hot springs)and local specialties.

Our hostels K’s House Fuji View and sister branch K’s House Mt.Fuji , are located right beside Lake Kawaguchiko. They should be ideal for use as a base for Fuji Five Lakes sightseeing. We hope you will stay a few nights and experience the many amazing landscapes around the Fuji Five Lakes!

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