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Highly Recomended 10 sightseeing spots in Hida-Takayama (by knowledgeable local staff)


Explore history and nature in Hida-Takayama!

Hida takayama in Gifu prefecture is one of historical city which has “Takayama Festival (Held on Spring and Autumn) and “Takayama Jinya (old goverment office)in Japan.
And also famous for a sightseeing hub to “Kamikouchi” and “Shin-hotaka”area which you can feel great nature of Japan North Alps.
Let’s get start it.

Takayama’s Old Town

This is the most popular sightseeing spots where was a merchant town at Edo period. The old town has been beautifully preserved with many shops. There are 7 Japanese sake breweries in the area. It is Close to JR Takayama station and central bus Terminal ,you must check it.


15 minitues walk from JR Takayama station and Nohi bus center. Very close to city centre.

Business hour / Price

Free and Anytime to the area. Many Shops are open 10 am to 5 pm.

Morning Market (Miyagawa / Jinya-mae)

Takayama morning market are long-running service established in the Edo period. Two morning markets in the town and it is walkable .each other

You can walk go along Miyagawa river and enjoy shopping. that so nice in the morning.

Most of stands sell local crafts and farm products such as vegetables, pickles and flowers.


Free and Anytime to the area. Many Shops are open 10 am to 5 pm.

Business Hour

6 am to 12 pm (7 am to 12 pm ,November to March), Everyday

Hida-Kokubunji Temple

This temple was originally established at Muromachi period and now it is national cultural property.

1200 years old ginko tree and three story pagoda are very nice to see together. Especially, changing colors of leaves in Autumn is so beautiful.

When the leaves fall down, Takayama has first snow.


5 mins walk from JR Takayama Station / Nohi Bus Center

Business Hour / Price

Free and Anytime ( To enter the building you may have limited hours and fee.)


Shirakawago Village

UNESCO world heritage village “Shirakawa-go”.
This special architectural style developed over may generations and is designed to withstand the large amounts of heavy snow that falls in the region during winter.
You can also enter the house (if you pay.) and have a look for good old life style.



50 minutes by bus / car from Takayama City centre.

Business Hour / Price

Entry free for the village entry. You pay for parking and building entry.
Parking open from 8 am to 5 pm.(please respect for local people and afraid from entering village after 5 pm.)


Hida-no-Sato ( Hida Folk Village)

If you are looking for easier place than Shirakawago, this is it! It’s not real village actually and it’s open air museum. However, the Gassyo style buildings are genuine. They are moved from destroying old villages. This place has a big pond. You can feel slow and nostalgic time here. Only 20mins from Takayama station and 700JPY. It can be great alternative for Shirakawago Village.



In front of bus stop “Hida-no-sato (Hida Folk Village) 20mins from Nohi Bus center.

It’s also walkable (40mins)

Business Hour / Fee

8:30 am to 5 pm, Everyday. Entry fee: 700 yen (Adult) 200yen (kids)



Hirayu hot spring is located in the middle of the Japan Alps and the northern foot of Mt. Norikura.
It takes 60 mins from takayama by bus.

Hirayu-no-Mori (平湯の森)has 16 baths inside and outside. They are tatoo fiendly.
Hirayu has a bus terminal to Kamikochi. People enjoy onsen after the hiking in Kamikochi.


1 hour by bus / car from Takayama city center.

Business Hour / Price

<Hirayu no yu > 6 am to 9 pm(summer) 8 am to 7 pm(winter)
<Hirayu no mori> oneday bathing 600 yen (Adult) 500 yen (Kids)


Hirayu-Otaki waterfall

10 minute walk from the Hirayu bus terminal.
This waterfall has 64 meters the difference in elevation. Lignt up event is held when it gets frozen in winter. We recommend to visit here with Hirayu-Onsen.


1 hour by bus / car from Takayama city center.


One of the most beautiful national park in Japan.
The view is beautiful ,breath taking along the Azusa river hiking.
Kamikochi is serious about preserving nature in the area. That’s wny no cars allowed before the entry area.
This is start point of Mt Hotaka or Mt Yari which is one of the most beautiful Alps in Japan

(※You cannot enter the area in the winter)

Business Hour / Price

1.5 hour by bus  from Takayama city center.

Entry Free

Shinhotaka Ropeway

Japan’s most unique ropeway and also one of the largest elevation gains in the country as it climbs over 1000 meter up.
You can see excellent view of Okuhida region and and North Alps from the observation deck.


1 hour and 45 mins by bus / car from Takayama city center.

Business Hour and Price

[1st cable car]8:30~16:00[2nd Cable car]8:45~16:45(can be changed depends on season.)
Everyday but no operation on bad weather
Price(Return ticket)
Adult 2,900JPY Child(6-12yo)1,450JPY


 Mt Norikura is over 3000 meter height mountain of Japan North Alps.

You can reach to 2700 meters by bus! So you just climb only 1-2 hours to mountain peak. I guess it is easiest Alps peak in the world!

(※You cannot enter the area in the winter.)


1.5 hour by bus  from Takayama city center.


Gero Onsen

Gero Onsen is one of the three highest quality hot springs in Japan.
Smooth and soft hot water is good for your skin.

It takes 40-60 mins from Takayama to Gero by train. (You can use JR Pass!)



Furukawa has nicely preserved old town.
located only about 15 minitues by train.
There has white wall historical street and high level craft shops.
It’s a small and compact that you can easy to discover.