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“Gensen Kakenagashi” Day visit to Onsen at Asahidake Onsen

HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

Brief history of Asahidake Onsen

Asahidake onsen  has been enjoyed by people in Asahikawa area since early 20th century. The site was discovered by Mr. Akutsu in 1914 and soon later he established a simple onsen hut. Yukomanbetsu( area name)stands for ” stream beyond hot water” in native Ainu language, thus it was called Yukomanbetsu Onsen originally. In 1954 motorway was constructed, and Asahidake ropeway’s construction followed in 1967. Today the name has been changed to Asahidake Onsen, and its is still small spa area consisting 6 inns surrounded by national park forest. It is a popular stopover during hiking and ski trip, though there are quite number of onsen goers from Asahikawa area visiting this place sorely for Onsen dip.

Onsen contents/ what is “Gensen Kakenagashi “anyway?

Asahidake hot spring water mainly consists of Calsium, Magnesium, Sodium-sulfate, chloride spring.  It also contains metasilicic acid which is known for its skin treatment effect. Most of inns offer “gensen Kakenagashi”onsen to visiters.

“Gensen Kakenagashi” in Japanese  or Natural hot spring water is water that comes directly from the ground (free-flowing) and used in Onsen facilities. One important part of the water used at these types of Onsen is that the water that overflows from the bath is not filtered and reused or circulated.

In short, one main attraction of Gensen Kakenagashi Onsens is that they let you to enjoy the actual hot springs themselves without filtration or circulation of water, and it is considered luxury in Japan.

Activities and environment



Wild flower dotted spring, followed by  spectacular summer hike in Daisetsuzan natuonal park, and colored leaves in Autumn, powder snow run in winter…… It is this ever changing environment in the forest that attracts many people here. It is also a perfect place to enjoy Onsen and do some remote-work.

Gensen Kakenagashi Onsens at Asahidake Onsen area


K’s House Hokkaido


K’s House Hokkaido opened its door in July 2019, and its Onsen is opened to public(day visit) between 2PM and 7PM.

It is rare for guesthouse to have Gensen kakenagashi Onsen facility on its own, and Ks House already attracting regular visits from local towns nearby.




The oldest inn in asahidake Onsen area. It hosts 5 different onsen sources, and very relaxing atmospher with ambient lighting.

Yumoto Yukomansou
Offering a children's playground and hot spring bath, Mt. Asahidake Yumoto Yukomansou is located in Higashikawa in the H...


La Vista Daisetsuzan

Kyoritsu resort which operate business hotels also runs La Vista Hotels. La Vista Daisetsuzan has different types of bath such as Japanese cypress wooden bath and lay-down type bath. It is more like a spa instead of Onsen.

La Vista Daisetsuzan (Kyoritsu Resort), Asahikawa -
The "La Vista Daisetsuzan (Mt. Daisetsu)," a Northern European style mountain villa resort hotel is born! Surrounded by ...


Asahidakeonsen Bearmonte


Hotel Bear monte  is run by a group which operate several hotels in Hokkaido.

This hotel is right next to Asahidake visitor center and walking distance from Ropeway. It also has dry sauna!

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Access and related information

Asahidake Ropeway Schedules and weather updates

Asahidake Visitor centor    Visitor center runned by Dept of Environment.


Asahikawa Airport  Airport in the middle of Hokkaido! Very high in-service rate even in winter.

40min by bus to Asahidake Onsen


Departs from JR Asahikawa bus and train station        90min to Asahikawa Onsen

Bus schedule

From Asahikawa take route294、and then route 1160  to Asahidake Ropeway