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The earliest colored leaves in Japan at Daisetsuzan National Park

HOKKAIDO-Tourist Attraction

The earliest Autumn in Japan

The name “Daisetsuzan” is a name of mountain range, not a single mountain. It is also a place where the earliest colored leaves can be seen in Japan. There are several places in this national park for colored leaves,  such as Mt.Kurodake, Sounkyo Gorge, Mt.Akadake, Ginsendai view point, and Asahidake. Autumn leaves normally starts from mid September and lasts until mid October.

Especially in Asahidake area, you are able to enjoy the contrast between rugged volcano and colored forests.

The Asahidake Ropeway is the only cable car that reaches above tree limit line in Japan.

It is a great base to summit Asahidake or just to have easy hike near Sugatami pond and  marvel alpine vegetations and colored forest below.

Recommended Trails

Summit Mt. Asahidake, and have splendid view at caldera , and then hike through Susoai Daira Plateau, and back to Sugatami Pond


The most popular trail for serious hikers. Excellent views and colored leaves can be seen.

Asahidake is usually slightly snow-capped in the end of September so be prepare.


Hike North from Sugatami Pond , walk through Susoai Daira Plateau, and then reach Touma Nokkoshi Pass to view Numano Daira Plateau and Aizan Gorge forest.


Not many hikers around so you will have trail for yourself.

The trail is easy to hike( except one creek crossing) , and the view from the pass is spectacular.

Take ropeway on the way up and enjoy the view below, have easy hike in Sugatami& Fuufu Ponds, and then hike down all the way to the bottom station.

Easy hike around pond area, check out active solfatara and hike down all the way to the bottom station. On the way down, you are walking through colored forests, and enjoy crisp autumn air.



Easy walk in Asahidake Onsen area. Visit small wetland and have beautiful view of Asahidake.


1~2 Hour walk. Great Morning walk or run!

Easy access and moderate walk for kids and elderly persons.


Access and related information

Asahidake Ropeway Schedules and weather updates

Asahidake Visitor centor    Visitor center runned by Dept of Environment.


Asahikawa Airport  Airport in the middle of Hokkaido! Very high in-service rate even in winter.

40min by bus to Asahidake Onsen


Departs from JR Asahikawa bus and train station        90min to Asahikawa Onsen

Bus schedule

From Asahikawa take route294、and then route 1160  to Asahidake Ropeway