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Day trip from Kanazawa to Tsurugi – visiting a historical shrine and seeing the panoramic view

KANAZAWA-Tourist Attraction
(C) Ishikawa Tourism Union League

Day trip from Kanazawa to Tsurugi – visiting a historical shrine and seeing the panoramic view


Kanazawa is greatly located, which is only 30 minutes away either to sea and mountain. On the mountain side, I will recommend a day trip to Tsurugi town at the foot of Mt. Hakusan, which is one of the Three Holy Mountains as well as Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama.

Visit beautiful Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine, which has long been regarded as a base for Mt. Hakusan worship. Go up Shishiku Kogen Highland to see the spectacular view of Kanazawa Plain and Tedorigawa River that flows out of Mt. Hakusan and flows into the Sea of Japan.

Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine

Since ancient times, Mt. Hakusan (2702m), risen over Ishikawa and Gifu prefecture, has been the object of faith as one of the three holy mountains as well as Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tateyama. People used to climb the mountain as religious trip, and Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine was the base point of the climbing.

There are over 3,000 Hakusan shrines all across Japan which enshrine Mt. Hakusan, and Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine is the head shrine among them. It is one of the most important shrine in this region.

Local people call this shrine Shirayama-san with friendliness, as we call a person, and many people visit for pray on a daily basis. Japanese people usually go to a shrine to pray at the new year’s days. The road toward Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine is packed with the line of car even after new year’s three days.

The shrine is also known as spiritual power spot today, and people often come and visit all the way outside Ishikawa prefecture. Climbing the stairs of front approach, lined with hundreds years old trees, naturally makes you feel calm and humble.

(C) Ishikawa Tourism Union LeagueThis is the main shrine building. The other small shrine is located on top of Mt. Hakusan, Gozengamine Peak (2702m). 

(C) Hakusan City Tourism Union LeagueIf going by car, please park at the front parking, so you can walk the approach.

Official site: Shirayama Hime Jinja Shirine

Shishiku Kogen Highland

Tedorigawa River, the largest river in Ishikawa Prefecture, originates from Mt. Hakusan and flows into the Sea of Japan. Since many stones flow into Tedorigawa River from the upstream, it was called “Ishi-kawa”, which means stone and river in Japanese. This is the origin of the name of Ishikawa Prefecture.

Five-minute gondola ride bring you to the Shishiku Kogen Highland to get the amazing view of the Tedorigawa River flowing through the plain and pouring into the Sea of Japan in the distance.

Gondola open: April to November *Closed from December to March
Fee: adult roundtrip 710yen

(C) K’s House


You can simply enjoy seeing this great view from the mountaintop, but I definitely recommend to experience paragliding here. Shishiku Kogen Highland is the perfect place for paragliding, where Japan Championships was also held in 2019. On a sunny and windy day, you will see a lot of colorful paragliders flying in the sky.

If you have never flown with a paraglider, don’t worry. Even a complete beginner can experience a tandem flight with an instructor. It feels fantastic to run down the slope, take off on the wind, and fly like a bird while gazing at this scenery! The fee is 10,000 yen plus 500 yen for the gondola, which is not cheap at all, but the experience only possible here will leave you a great memory. *Only available from April to November

(C) Hakusan City Tourism Union League

Official site: Shishiku Kogen Paraglider School *Instructors speak English.

Official site: Sky Shishiku Paraglider School *movie available

Ishikawa Prefectural Tree Park

Located in the Ishikawa Prefectural Forestry Experiment Station, various trees are planted on the vast site including 130 kinds and 900 cherry blossoms trees. Here you can still enjoy sakura after the season has gone in Kanazawa. It’s a great place to spread out the rug and take your lunch.

Ishikawa Prefectural Tree Park

(C) Hakusan City Tourism Union League

(C) Hakusan City Tourism Union League

Local food

Soba restaurant Sou-an

Soba restaurant with a nice atmosphere of renovated old folk house. This place is so popular that many people waiting in a line even on weekdays. Every time I visit, I think “waiting again?”, but after the meal, I will be always satisfied with the delicious soba and the beautiful space. It might be a good idea to go to the restaurant first, write your name on the waiting list, and then go around.

Open: 11:30-15:00 *ends as soon as sold out
Closed on Thursday

Pizza restaurant Moku-yu-rin

Pizza restaurant at the same site of a wooden furniture and crafts shop. The building made of plenty of wood makes this place attractive, and you will feel like you are in the forest. The restaurant has nice window seats surrounded by the green outside.  You will be waiting on weekends here again, but you can use the waiting system on their website.

Looking at Instagram, they are also selling delicious lunch boxes recently. You may take out this lunch to eat it at their courtyard or in the Tree Park mentioned earlier.

Closed on Tuesday
Official site: Moku-yu-rin

Quiche House Qu-i

Quiche café restaurant in a spacious old folk house style building. Unlike ordinary quiche, this original quiche tastes light and feels healthy, because local rice flour is used instead of wheat flour, and soy milk instead of cream. Of course, you can also take out.

Closed on Tuesday

白山キッシュハウス QUI - TOP - グルテンフリーの米粉キッシュをネット販売でお取り寄せ
TOP-自然豊かな石川県白山市にある「白山キッシュハウス QUI」はグルテンフリーの米粉キッシュが名物のカフェです。店内でのお食事やテイクアウト以外にもネット販売でのお取り寄せも可能なので、白山市以外にお住いの大切な人へのお土産にいかがです...

Further trip

The all above spots are located in the Tsurugi town, which is 30 minute drive away from Kanazawa. You can reach the below spots, if you drive another 20 minutes along the Tedorigawa Gorge.

Watagataki Waterfall

A Waterfall of Tedorigawa Gorge. Enjoy refreshing cool air right beside the waterfall, or a view from a rest hut.


Hot spring Himenoyu

Hot spring facilities on the new campus of a private college are open for public. What a rich campus with hot spring in the mountain! Clean and spacious old folk house style building is filled with the refreshing and pleasant smell of woods.

比咩の湯 - はくさん比咩の湯温泉 比咩の湯 比咩の湯

Open hours:
Monday to Saturday 14:00-21:00
Sunday & national holiday 12:00-21:00
Closed on Thursday
Fee: adult 500yen

Roadside station Sena

Roadside station across the above hot spring Himenoyu. Hang around to try delicious local food such as Tofu dishes, soba noodles, soft cream, etc.

道の駅瀬女|PLAYはくさん 白山市地域振興公社



It takes about 30 minutes from central Kanazawa to Tsurugi town, and another 20 minutes from Tsurugi to Roadside Station Sena.

Train and bike or foot

It takes about 30 minutes by local train of Hokuriku Railroad from Nomachi station to the end point Tsurugi station. Nomachi station across Saigawa river is located slightly out of the center of Kanazawa. The number of train is limited, only 1 to 2 per hour, so check the time table carefully in advance.

It takes 30-minute on foot from Tsurugi station to the area around Shirayama Hime Jinja Shrine. You can rent a bicycle at in front of Tsurugi station, or you can also take a taxi.

If you reserve paragliding, both companies can pick you up at Tsurugi station for free.

-Hokuriku Railroad Ishikawa Line, timetable and fee

-One day free ticket for Saturday, Sunday and Natinal holiday at 600yen
The fee between Nomachi and Tsurugi station costs 500yen for one-way.  So, this one day free ticket has great value, if you go on Saturday, Sunday or National holiday.

-Bike rental at Hakusan City Tourism League within the building of Hakusan City Hall Tsurugi Branch in front of Tsurugi station
Regular bike 500yen/day
Electric bike 800yen-/day

*If you travel from Kanazawa by bike, you can bring a bike to the train of Hokuriku Railroad Ishikawa Line for free. Please check the details on the below website by Google translation.

-Tsurugi town walk coupon at 1200yen
Set discount ticket of Nomachi station – Tsurugi station round-trip train fee and 1-day regular bike rental coupon


How was the tips? K’s House Kanazawa also provides rental bike service for our guests.

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