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Drive from Kanazawa to Sea of Japan – The only beach to drive on in Japan, Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

KANAZAWA-Tourist Attraction

Photo: Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Drive from Kanazawa to Sea of Japan – The only beach to drive on in Japan, Chirihama Nagisa Driveway


Chirihama Nagisa Driveway is a must-visit drive spot for those who come to Kanazawa by car or motorcycle, or who plan to rent a car. It is the only beach in Japan where you can drive along the beach. I will introduce the spots and gourmet information that you can stop by on your way back and forth.

Chirihama Nagisa Driveway

(C) Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Driving from Kanazawa Station toward the sea and then following the coastal car-only road, Noto Satoyama Kaido, you will reach the starting point of the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway in about 40 minutes. From here, you can drive along the coast, which is 8km long. You can also park your car to go into the sea or search sea shells on the beach.

I would recommend to go for the sunset time when you can see the beautiful setting sun over the Sea of Japan.

(C) Hodatsu Shimizu Town

(C) K’s House

There are days when the waves are too high to pass. Please check the restriction status on the below “Ishikawa Michi Information Net” site before going out.

Noto Chirihama Rest House

Chirihama Rest House, located at the end of the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway was renewed in 2021. You can dine in the cafeteria in front of the beach, buy souvenirs, and relax at the cafe. Share-working space like a resort hotel lounge opens in the same building.


(C) Noto Chirihama Rest House

Roadside Station Noto Chirihama

Near the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway, there is a roadside station with a refreshing white appearance that suits the sea. Bakery and cafeteria are in operation, and local specialties are also sold.

I recommend a gelato shop named “Margar Gelato” here. The owner and gelato craftsman, Mr. Shibano, who has won the world championship in Italian contest, is known even in Italian gelato industry. The main store is located in Nonoichi City, about 20 minutes from Kanazawa, and there are cafes that are also available in the center of Kanazawa, but if you come to Chirihama, please choose your favorite flavors from a wide selection at this shop. I believe the taste will easily exceed high expectations.

Free tire shower is available at this roadside station. It’s nice to wash off the sand after driving on the beach.


Kanazawa Port Cruise Terminal

Opened in June 2020 as the gateway of the sea in Kanazawa. Although the number of cruise ships is limited due to the global spread of Covid-19, it is a new seaside spot for local people. The beautiful streamlined building is a very pleasant place to just stop by and look at the sea from there. It is also nice to walk outside.

Free music events are sometimes held on weekends. The area including the Cruise Terminal and the Kanazawa Port are beautifully lit up every night until 9:00 pm.

(C) Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

The restaurant, entirely glass-walled and facing of the sea, is popular for its openness and spacious space. As it is run by a local cake and café company, I personally recommend the sweets and café rather than meals there. I would love to go more often to enjoy the great view and the space, if I lived nearby.

(C) Restaurant BAY ARCE


Nostalgic port town, Ohno

Ohno has the old-fashioned townscape with miso and soy sauce breweries, where new galleries, shops and cafes have also opened in recent years.

(C) Kanazawa city

Yamato Koji Park

This is a complex facility at the head office of a local miso and soy sauce maker. There is a cafeteria and a direct store in the beautiful old-style building that uses plenty of wood. Learn about the manufacturing process of miso and soy sauce, or participate in workshops.

The manufacturer recommends eating fermented foods for your health, and serves delicious and healthy meals at their cafeteria. A healthy lunch set menu is popular. You might be surprised at the tasty chewy brown rice. You can also take out nice light meals, snacks and soy sauce-taste soft cream.

発酵食の町「金沢大野」ヤマト糀パーク | 金沢・ヤマト醤油味噌

Enjoy great sushi in Kanazawa

Kanazawa is the place where you can eat great fish among Japan.


A kappo-style sushi restaurant in Ohno town. The atmosphere is outstanding with the dignified appearance and the beautiful interior of a renovated traditional Japanese house. Weekday limited lunch can be enjoyed at a reasonable price.


Conveyor belt sushi

Conveyor belt sushi in Kanazawa is very famous for its great taste and freshness. There are several popular conveyor belt sushi restaurants at the west side of Kanazawa station on the way to the sea. The taste is guaranteed, but please be prepared to wait in a line.

Kanazawa Maimon zushi Main Store

金沢まいもん寿司 本店 | 金沢まいもん寿司

Sushi Kuine Kenchomae-ten

ページが見つかりません | すしくいねぇ

Observation lobby of the Prefectural Office

You can visit the observation lobby on the 19th floor of the Ishikawa Prefectural Office on the way from Kanazawa Station to the sea. The 360 degree view is spectacular. On a clear day, there are chances to see Mt. Haku and Tateyama Nountain Range in the distance, as there are no skyscrapers in Kanazawa. The night view is calm rather than gorgeous. If you like high places and views, please stop by.


(C) Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League


It is recommended to rent a car at the west exit of Kanazawa Station. After 20 minutes’ drive toward the sea, you will arrive at Ohno town in the port area. From there, drive along the coastal “Noto Satoyama Kaido” for another 20 minutes to reach the Chirihama Nagisa Driveway.

I have written about the sea side of Kanazawa this time. The following article writes about the town at the foot of Mt. Hakusan, which is 30 minutes drive away. Have a look at it!