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7 Authentic Japanese Spaces to Enjoy and Experience Matcha Green Tea in Kanazawa

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7 Authentic Japanese Spaces to Enjoy and Experience Matcha Green Tea in Kanazawa


Now matcha is getting more and more popular outside of Japan, you might have tried matcha flavor sweets or “matcha latte” before. If you will come to Japan, it will be the great chance to try a bowl of real matcha green tea.

Here, I will write about what is matcha, why you should try in Kanazawa, and introduce great places to drink and experience matcha in Kanazawa.

What is matcha? What is different from green tea?

While green tea is leaf tea, matcha is powder of green tea from the buds specially grown. So, the production amount of matcha is limited, and the price is higher than green tea.

Green leaf tea is prepared with tea leaves and hot water in the tea pot like black tea. When a bowl of matcha tea is prepared, matcha powder and hot water are dissolved by tea whisk in the bowl as the below YouTube movie.

You can find bottles of green leave tea at convenience store or supermarket, everywhere in Japan, but the chance of tasting matcha tea is limited. You might luckily find it at a tea house or café at sight-seeing spots. Sometimes a bowl of matcha is served as welcome drink at luxury ryokan or as after-meal drink of a long course dinner at Japanese restaurant.

Why you should try matcha in Kanazawa?

In Kanazawa, Chanoyu or the way of tea is in life historically and currently. In 15th century, Sen-no Rikyu perfected tea ceremony. In Edo period, one of his great-grandson came and stayed in Kanazawa to teach the way of tea for the feudal lord of Kaga clan. The feudal lords of generations encouraged people the way of tea as well as traditional culture and arts through Edo period. That’s why Kanazawa has its rich traditional culture and arts as of today. Ishikawa prefecture has the highest population per 100 people of learning the way of tea across Japan. I am one of the students actually.

Beautiful Japanese spaces to enjoy matcha in Kanazawa

In Kanazawa, there are great places where you can drink a bowl of matcha. Here, I will introduce beautiful places to enjoy matcha, space and the view.
Usually, a bowl of matcha tea is served together with fresh soft Japanese sweet. Those beautiful sweets always represent the season, so you will not find the same one in different seasons.

(C) Ishikawa Prefectural Tourism League

Shima – national important cultural property in Higashi Geisha District

When you visit Kanazawa, one of must-see spots is Higashi Geisha Districts. Shima, the historical tea house, where geisha had entertained guests, is a national important cultural asset. You will see the beautiful traditional Japanese architecture.

Inside this house, there is tea space beautifully coordinated beside a small Japanese garden. Matcha tea is served with fresh soft sweet or dry confectionery.

Open hours: 9:00 – 18:00(from December to February : 9:00 – 17:00)
Admission fee: 500yen
Matcha and fresh sweets: 700yen
Matcha and dry confectionery: 500yen
Shima Official website

Kanazawa traditional Japanese rooms feature the vivid color of the wall like red or blue.

Shiguretei – tea room in Kenrokuen Garden

Kenrokuen Garden, known as top three Japanese gardens, is also one of must-visit place in Kanazawa. There are several places where matcha is served in Kenrokuen Garden, but I would recommend Shiguretei, especially the right-side room if you have a chance. It is a reproduced historical Japanese architecture. Have a look at the beautiful wood ceiling. You will enjoy matcha and the garden view, of course.
Open hours: 9:00-16:30 (except 12:00-13:00, last admission 16:00)
Kenrokuen Garden admission fee: 320yen
Match tea with fresh sweets: 720yen *Green leaf tea is also available.
Note: Tea service may not be available, if the room has been rented out for a private event.

Shiguretei official website

Photo from the official website

The garden view from the right tea room

Nomura House – traditional Japanese architecture in Samurai District

While Kyoto is the ancient capital grown by aristocrat, Kanazawa is the castle town developed by Samurai. Samurai District is also a major attraction in Kanazawa. Here, I truly recommend to visit Nomura House to see the beautiful harmony of its garden and traditional Japanese architecture. There is a tea room on the second floor, looking down the beautiful garden with pond.
Open hours: April to September: 8:30-17:30, October to March: 8:30-16:30
Admission fee: 500yen

Matcha and dry confectionery: 300yen

Nomura House official website

(C) Kanazawa City

Ohi Gallery and Museum -pottery of tea ceremony ware

When the great-grandson of Sen-no Rikyu came to Kaga clan in 1666, he was accompanied by one of the best potters from the Raku Pottery in Kyoto. The potter Ohi stayed to live in Kanazawa and his descents have passed down the special pottery method over 350years. Current potter is 11th generation, and he still makes Ohi ware especially for tea ceremony. Ohi ware features its beautiful amber glaze.

Matcha green tea in a bowl of Ohi ware and fresh soft sweet
(C) Kanazawa City

Ohi Museum and Gallery are located nearby Higashi Geisha District. You can choose a tea bowl from their collections of different generations, and they will prepare a bowl of matcha for you.

Open hours: 9:00-17:00
Matcha and sweets: 1000yen

Set ticket of museum admission and matcha: 1500yen
Ohi Museum and Gallery official website

(C) Kanazawa City

Isseian – tea room of traditional ryotei “Ohtomoro”

Located nearby Kanazawa Castle Park and Oyama Shrine, Ohtomoro is an authentic Japanese ryotei style restaurant with 350-year family history. In 2020, they newly opened this tea room, but the architecture itself is over 100 years old, which was originally used for tea ceremony lessons for samurai of Kaga clan.

You can choose your tea bowl and appreciate the small garden well maintained while enjoying matcha. Shaved ice with thick matcha syrup and other matcha sweets are also tasty menu.

Open hours: 11:00-16:00 (closed on Wednesday)
Matcha with fresh soft sweets or specially made chocolate ganache: 1,000yen

Ohtomoro official website *Japanese only
Information on Google Map.

Photo from the official Facebook/Instagram

Amano chaten -old tea shop in Higashi Geisha District

This family-owned tea leaf shop is located just around the corner of Higashi Geisha District. They handle not only green tea but also roasted green tea, which is also common in Kanazawa. Firstly, you will notice a lot of old big jars. Those are made over 200 years ago and used for carrying tea leaves in the old days. The back side of the shop is the reformed casual tea room space. It is a hidden café or tea space apart from the other busy cafes in Higashi Geisha District.
You can drink matcha as well as green leaf tea and roasted tea, all served with sweets. At the seats by the counter, you can see how a bowl of matcha is prepared. Other nice Japanese sweets are also available.

Amano chaten official website *Japanese only

Information on Google Map

Photo from the official website

Experience the way of tea in Kanazawa

I guess some of you would like to experience the way of tea, not just drinking matcha? If yes, Kanazawa is the right place for you!

Ko-fu-en -private experience class of tea ceremony nearby Nishi Geisha District

Set nearby Nishi Geisha District, here is a class room of the way of tea. You can experience a special private class in English. You will be welcomed in the authentic tea room with a fireplace and other tea utensils. You will learn how to prepare a bowl of matcha, as well as taste a delicious matcha. It is the great chance to ask questions about tea ceremony and get answer from the teacher of the way of tea.

Reservation is necessary.
Price per person:
1 person: 4,000yen, 2 person: 2,500yen/p, more than 3 person: 2,000yen/p
Ko-fu-en official website

Photo from the official website

If you are interested in the way of tea or simply like matcha, I hope this information will help you to enjoy Kanazawa more deeply.

All recommended place are located in Kanazawa central area. K’s House Kanazawa  will be the great travel base for your stay in Kanazawa!