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Nice walk on sunny days



Hello. How are you all doing? I think there are many of you who have come all the way to Asakusa and would like to go to Tokyo Sky Tree. Today I would like to introduce my favourite way to get to Tokyo Sky Tree from Asakusa!

Sumida River walk

Sumida River walk

The main bridge across the Sumida River from Asakusa is Azuma-bashi, but a new bridge has been built. It is called Sumida River walk. As the name suggests, you can cross the Sumida River while feeling very close to it. From the bridge, you can see the Asahi Beer building and the red-painted Azuma Bridge.



Sumida Park

After crossing the River Walk, you will come to the waterside town of Mizumachi. This Mizumachi is a developed area under the elevated Tobu Line connecting Asakusa to Tokyo Sky Tree. Across the elevated railway line is Sumida Park, there are fancy coffee shops, restaurants and even a bouldering gym along the river on the other side. Mizumachi’s coffee shops often have terrace seating, perfect for taking a nice break while watching the river. Many coffee shops offer take-away, so picnic on a bench along the river or in Sumida Park would be perfect.


View from Mizumachi

The Tokyo Sky Tree in front of the elevated railway tracks is a sight to behold. It is also beautiful when lit up at night, so be sure to take a look.

TOKYO mizumachi(東京ミズマチ)
TOKYO mizumachi, a shopping complex beneath a railway overpass. A new area connecting Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree Town® ha...


Bronze statue of Katsu Kaishu

A bronze statue of Kaishuu Katsu stands near the Asahi Beer building. If you are interested in Japanese history, please visit.