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Now is the best time to visit Japan! Japan is super cheap now


Do you still think Japan is expensive!?
Now Japan is a super cheap country to visit

Hi everyone,

After Covid pandemic, Japan eventually opened up the border and now you can visit Japan like before pandemic without PCR test.

I still meet many people who misunderstand that Japan is a very expensive country.

You have to update the information!
It was 10 years ago, but now Japan is a super cheap country.


1, Inflation everywhere but not in Japan

These days everything is getting more and more expensive everywhere in Europe and America,
But not in Japan.
We complain for the 20cents of changing price in the restaurant.
People are working hard to keep the price so that everyone can enjoy the restaurant.

You can eat nice ramen with 5euros.
You can eat dinner with 3 euros if you go to a cheap restaurant.
You can rent a flat with 400euros in Tokyo.

If you have some more budget, you can enjoy the nicer restaurants everyday.

Everything is almost half the price as in Europe or in America!
It’s super cheap in Japan.

2, Japanese yen is super cheap now

After covid japanese yen is getting weaker and weaker.
It was 120yen for 1euro, 100-110yen for 1dollar just a few years ago.
It was even 80yen for 1dollar when it was most expensive.
But now it’s 150yen fir 1euro, dollar!

It’s more than 20percent cheaper than normal.
It never happened in these 40years.
Japanese Yen is historically cheap now.

You cannot miss the chance now.

3, Less tourists now

After pandemic, Japan has closed the border for more than 2 years, which is open now.
We still don’t have so many foreign tourists back as before,
And you don’t get crazy number of tourists if you visit Japan now.
Hotels and restaurants are in serious crisis after pandemic, and they will be super happy for your visit. Maybe you can get some nicer treat or discount.

So it’s a great time to visit Japan now.

I met so many people dreaming to visit Japan.
Hey guys, the ideal time has come now.

Japan will get more expensive again once they come back to Japan.
Inflation is starting to come to Japan as well.
Japanese yen will come back stronger again sooner or later.

Maybe the flight is expensive to be fair.
But that’s the only thing.
Once you arrive, you will get everything much cheaper now.

Don’t miss the chance.

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