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3 recommended hikes in Kyoto

KYOTO-Tourist Attraction


3 recommended hikes in Kyoto

Most people visit Kyoto city to enjoy visiting shrines and temples and strolling historic town.
In addition to it, we would like you to know Kyoto city has great sites for hiking. Here are our 3 recommendations of hiking course in Kyoto.

Kibune to Kurama
Mt. Daimonji

Mt. Kurama (Kibune to Kurama)

Kibune river

Kibune and Kurama are small village located in the north of Kyoto city and both are popular as spiritual site.

※As of November 2022, Kurama Onsen is temporarily closed due to covid-19.

The hiking route from Kibune to Kurama is a part of Kuramadera temple and is dotted with historic sites on the way.

This route is called ‘’Kinone-Michi (Tree root path)’’. You will see unique path covered with tree roots.

Please also check our article below which we recommended Kurama onsen.
【2022】Natural hot springs and bathhouses in Kyoto

Taking natural hot spring is great way to relax after visiting sacred shrine and temple and enjoy hiking.

Reference:Kurama Onsen Official Site.


Get off at Kibuneguchi station by Eizan Railway and take Kyoto bus to Kibune.

※Due to the landslide, train service has been suspended between Ichihara and Kurama station since July 2020. Substitute buses are operated from Ichihara to Kibune/Kurama. Please check the latest information.
Eizan Railway (

Mt. Daimonji

Mt. Daimonji is well known as the location of Kyoto’s summer religious event ‘’Gozan no Okuribi’’.

The trail starts from the trail head near Ginkakuji temple is very popular route as it is only about 40 minutes hike to the view point.

You can overlook the whole city of Kyoto from there. It feels great when you enjoy lunch while looking at the scenery there.

It takes extra 20 minutes to the top of Mt. Daimonji. You will also have great view there, but it is not necessary if you are tired, because the scenery from the view point is much spectacular.


Get off at Ginkakujimae bus stop by Kyoto City Bus #100


Kinunkei trail is about 4km hiking course from Takao to Kiyotaki, northwest of Kyoto city.

Fresh green and Autumn leaves are especially beautiful in this area.You can also enjoy the view of Kitayama cedar trees and clear water of Kiyotaki River while walking.

The trail is well maintained and almost flat. It is great site to enjoy walk in relaxed atmosphere.


Get off at Makinoo bus stop by JR Bus

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