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7 recommended spots in Kyoto to enjoy with children!


7 recommended spots in Kyoto to enjoy with children!

Kyoto is a well-known tourist destination. Temples, shrines, traditional Kyoto restaurants, and so much more!

If you are traveling with only adults, you can visit the spots you want in the allotted time efficiently, but if you are traveling with children, it is not so easy.

If you only visit temples and shrines, your child may be disappointed and say, “This is so boring!”

So, this time, our staff, a mom with a 3-year-old son, will introduce spots in Kyoto that both children and adults can enjoy!

Umekoji Park 

Umekoji Park is located not far from Kyoto Station, but once inside, it is filled with nature!

On weekends, the park is crowded with local families.

In addition to the vast lawn, forest area, and promenade where you can see the train, there is also a hotel and a café.

In the forest area, there is a stream that runs through the park, so you can play in the water in the summer.

On a fine day, it would be nice to have a picnic on the lawn with a packed lunch.

Official Page (Japanese Only) : Umekoji Park

Kyoto Aquarium

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this aquarium is a favorite of local residents.

Local mothers buy an annual passport and use it for cool summer evenings with their children.

It is located in Umekoji Park, so after playing in the park, you can relax indoors.

It is also a great place to relax and see marine animals.

The aquarium was designed with children’s eyes in mind, and offers various ways to enjoy the aquarium, such as seeing penguins up close, many jellyfish on display in a fantastic atmosphere, and exciting dolphin shows.

Children will surely be delighted!

Jellyfish Corner of Kyoto Aquarium

BGM composer: Amacha

Official Site: Kyoto Aquarium

The Railway Museum

A must-see for railroad fans and non-fans alike!

Inside the spacious museum, you can experience simulated train driving, buying a ticket and go through the ticket gates, and many other ingenious corners that will keep even adults enthralled.

The largest railroad diorama in Japan is particularly impressive, showing a day in the life of a train.

Children will be excited to see the diorama, which is the largest they have ever seen.

Official site: The Railway Museum

Kyoto City Zoo

The zoo is located next to Heian Shrine and the National Art Museum.

The zoo is spacious, with plenty of benches to relax on.

The most popular animal in the zoo is Momotaro, a gorilla.

He is a really manly gorilla.

The family of gorillas spending time together in a relaxed manner is something you can watch for hours.

What’s more, this zoo is free for children under junior high school age!

So it is a great place to stop by on your way to Heian Shrine or an art museum.

Official Site: Kyoto City Zoo

Shimogamo Shrine

This is the only shrine in my list of “7 Spots to Visit with Children”.

Of course, all of the shrines are well worth visiting, but if you are going with children Shimogamo Shrine is recommended.

There is a forest called Tadasunomori that stretches across the grounds of Shimogamo Shrine, and once you step into it, you will feel the negative ions in the air.

Also recommended for children is the sightseeing horse-drawn carriage in the Tadasunomori forest.

The horse-drawn carriage tour is available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays throughout the year(The fare is 500 yen per person.)

It is a pleasant experience to take a leisurely stroll through the vast forest in a horse-drawn carriage.

Official Site: Shimogamo Shrine

Kyoto Botanical Gardens

The Kyoto Botanical Garden is a beautiful botanical garden with colorful plants on its vast grounds.

The botanical garden itself is wonderful, but my favorite part is the “Mushroom Library” in the garden.

As you walk through the garden, you will see a giant mushroom with bright red polka dots in the plaza where the children are gathered.

When I got closer and looked at it, I saw that the mushroom had a door attached to it.

When you open the door, you will find an array of books inside!

Yes, the giant mushroom is an outdoor library.

It is not available for rent, but you can enjoy reading your favorite books surrounded by the magnificent greenery.

This is an experience I would like children to have.

Official Page (Japanese Only) : Kyoto Botanical Gardens

Takaragaike Park

It takes about 20 minutes by subway from Kyoto Station.

This park is conveniently accessible and a popular place for locals to enjoy nature, a far from the city center.

The “Children’s Paradise” in the park is filled with playground equipment that children love!

It is truly a paradise for children.

You can also enjoy boating in the large pond.

Wild deer live in the park, so if you are lucky, you may see them.

Why not spend a day at such a nature-rich park?

Official Page (Japanese Only) : Takaragaike Park

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