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Easy Tokyo trip with Oedo line

TOKYO-Tourist Attraction

Do you know that there are 84 lines in Tokyo where more than 14million people are living ?  It must be hassle to travel unfamiliar place changing many lines. However,  Oedo subway line next to our hostel ” K’s House Tokyo ” makes your trip easy. You can visit major tourist spots in Tokyo without changing lines by using the Oedo line.
We introduce tourist spots which you can visit with the Oedo line.

About Oedo line

The Oedo subway line opened in 1991. This line is the newest one which is ran by Tokyo metropolitan government and it connects east side and west side of Tokyo starting from metropolitan government office. As this line is the newest one, that of stations are in deep under ground. The Roppongi station is the deepest station in Tokyo. The color of this line is magenta.

Tourist spots you can visit with Oedo line

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office
【Tochomae station】

The office is partially opened for public for free. You can enjoy the view of Tokyo from observatory on 45F, 202m above the ground.

Access:Tochomae station  ( The station is in the office building  )
【South build.】10:00~20:00/ Last entry 19:30
【North build.】10:00~17:30/Last entry 17:00
Closed : 29th December to 31st, 2nd and 3rd January
Please refer to TMG visitor’s guide for more information.

【Shinjuku station or Shinjuku-nishiguchi station】

One of the biggest downtown in Tokyo and you can enjoy various things such as shopping, gourmet etc…
It’s also possible to visit Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden on foot. The scenery of the garden make you feel like you were in somewhere different from Tokyo.

【Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden】
Access:10 minutes on foot from Shinjuku station
※Closing time differ depending on season.
Close:Monday, 29th December to 3rd January
Admission:From 250yen
Website :

Tokyo Dome 【Kasuga station】

Home stadium of Tokyo Giants. Even you don’t watch the games, you can enjoy shopping, attractions etc.. at the Tokyo Dome City (entertainment complex) where the stadium is in.

【Tokyo Dome City】
Access:5 minutes walk from Kasuga staion
Website :

Ueno park 【Ueno-okachimachi station】

There are many tourist spots such as National museum, Zoo etc.. in Ueno park. You can enjoy shopping and gourmet at the Ameyoko street which is next to Ueno park.

Access:Approx. 15 minutes walk to Ueno park from Ueno-okachimachi station.

【Tokyo National Museum】
Open:9:30~17:00(Fri., Sat.  until 21:00)
Admission:From 500yen

【Ueno Zoo】
Admission:From 200yen

【Ameyoko street】

Asakusa 【Kuramae station】

One of the popular tourist place in Tokyo. There are famous tourist spots such as Kaminarimon-gate which is famous for a big lantern and Sensoji temple and so on. You may feel the local atmosphere which is different from other area in Tokyo.

Access:Approx. 15 minutes walk from Kuramae station

Ryogoku 【Ryogoku station】

In this area which is well known as Sumo town, You can visit Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium where the Sumo tournament is yearly held and Edo-Tokyo Museum which exhibits Edo culture & history. You can try Chanko hot-pot which Sumo wrestlers love at many place in this city.

Approx. 7 minutes walk to Ryogoku Kokugikan stadium from Ryogoku staion.

【Edo-Tokyo Museum】
Open:9:30~17:00 Close:Monday
Admission:From 300yen

Tsukiji Outer Market【Tsukijishijo station】

Although the Tsukiji fish market which used to be here has moved to Toyosu, you can still feel the atmosphere here. There are more than 400 shops here and you can enjoy shopping, walk-and eat.

Access:1 minute walk from Tsukijishijo station

Tokyo Tower 【Akabanebashi station】

This tower is well known as a symbol of Tokyo. You can enjoy the view from the observatory which is located150m above the ground. [ It’s possible to access to the top observatory which is located 250m above the ground if you join the tour ]

Access:5 minutes walk from Akabanebashi station
Open: 9:00~23:00
Admission:From 500yen

Roppongi hills 【Roppongi station】

Roppongi hills is the complex which has various shops and facilities such as observatory, art museum, restaurants, movie theater etc.. and you can spend the whole day here.

Access:4 minutes walk from Roppongi station

National stadium
【Kokuritsu-kyogijyo station】

This is the main stadium of Tokyo Olympics 2020. Although this stadium is not open for public yet, you can look this new stadium over the monument of Olympics which is exhibited at Olympic Museum next to the stadium. You can see the exhibition regarding the Olympics at this museum too.

Access:1 minute walk from Kokuritsu-kyogijo station

【Japan Olympic Museum】
Access:10 minutes walk from Kokuritsu-kyogijo station
Open:10:00~17:00 Close:Monday
Admission:From 400 yen

Value ticket information

Tokyo metropolitan government sell the value ticket for transportation. Please check the information out before your travel.

Toei 1Day Pass (Toei Marugoto Kippu)
You can make unlimited use for one day of toei subway, toei bus, etc. for one day.
Fare:Adult 700yen、Child:350yen

Tokyo Subway Ticket (for tourists only)
You can make unlimited use for toei subway and Tokyo metro for 24hours and more.
Fare : From 800 yen

Tokyo Combination Ticket
You can make unlimited use for toei transportation, Tokyo metro and JR lines for one day.

Other type of value tickets are available. Please check the website of Toei Transportation for more information.

Enjoy Tokyo in your own way !

We picked up only the spots which you can visit with Oedo line but there are more attractive tourist spots than we introduced in Tokyo. Please enjoy Tokyo in your way!

Our hostel ” K’s House Tokyo ” is just 1 minute away from Kuramae station on Oedo line and pretty convenience for sightseeing in Tokyo. We look forward to welcoming you !