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10 Recommended tourist spots in Asakusa

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About Asakusa

The history of Asakusa starts from the 6 century and this city has been developing as the one of famous downtown in Tokyo. Asakusa, is still very popular sightseeing area which represents Tokyo and welcomes a lot of tourists from home and abroad. We introduce 10 tourist spots you must visit in this article.

10 recommended tourist spots


The famous gate which has a large impressive lantern. This gate is in front of Sensoji-temple and well known as a famous tourist spot in Tokyo. The official name of this gate is “Fu Rai Jin Mon(gate)”  .  Fu means ” Wind”,  Rai means ” Thunder ” and Jin means ” God ” in Japanese. As you see from this name, the two figures of god, God of wind and God of Thunder, are enshrined in the both side of lantern.

Nakamise Shopping street

The first approach which you see after passing the Kaminarimon. There are 89 shops such as souvenir, Japanese sweets shop etc.. on this street and many tourists visit here everyday.

Open: around 10 :00  to 17:00

Sensoji temple

The largest main hall in Sensoji-temple. The principal image is enshrined inside and you can see big ceiling painting here. A lot of people visit here to make the first temple visit of the new year.

Open: 6:00 to 17:00 ( Oct. to Mar.: 6:30 to 17:00 )
Admission: Free

Five story pagoda

About 50m height pagoda next to the Sensoji-temple. This pagoda was well known as the one of four famous pagoda in Edo ( The name of Tokyo in Edo era ) and still familiar to people as a landmark of Sensoji-temple.


Dempoin street

About 200m length street which cross with Nakamise-street. There are shops which imitate old buildings in Edo era on this street and they make you feel like you’re walking around old town in Edo.

Hoppy street

The Japanese style bar street which has about 20 bars. This street is call ” Hoppy street ” ( Hoppy is the one of drink which is familiar to people who like drinking.)  or ” Nikomi street ” ( Nikomi means Japanese stew. This dish is often ordered with drink. ) This street is always busy day and night and a lot of red lanterns decorated at the each bars make you feel a local atmosphere.

Shin-Nakamise Shopping street

About 400m large street which cross with Nakamise-street. There are about 100 shops such as restaurants, souvenir shop on this streets.

Asakusa Nishisando street

The approach located on the west side of Sensoji-temple. The floor of this approach is made of wood and you can see unique shops on there. The arches which imitate the big lantern of Kaminarimon and the famous theater are decorated at the each side of entrance and they make this street like theme park.

Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center

The unique shape tourist information center which is in front of Kaminarimon. You can get tourist information here and enjoy the great view of Asakusa from roof top on the 8th floor too.

Open: 9:00 to 18:00  (Roof top : 10:00 to 18:00)  *As of Oct. 2020

Hanayashiki Amusement Park

The oldest amusement park in Japan which opened in 1853. They don’t have the latest model attractions but you can enjoy a nostalgic atmosphere at this park. The oldest roller coaster is the one of attractions which you can’t miss.

Open: 10:00 to 18:00
Admission fee: From 500yen

Let’s go off the main route !

It’s fun to visit standard spots but why don’t you get off the main route ? We introduce good spots a bit away from the center of down town.

Oku Asakusa

The area behind Sensoji-temple is called “Oku Asakusa”  (Oku means “back or behind” in Japanese). As this area is a bit out of main sightseeing spots, you would see less people but you can feel more local atmosphere. It’s fun to visit some good atmosphere bar and cafe you found during you taka a stroll. As this area is well known as Geisha area, you may have a chance to see Geisha.

Hisago street

The shopping arcade which is about 5 minutes away from Sensoji-temple. “Hisago” means gourd in Japanese and the name of street comes from the pond which used to be around here. This street has some shops such as festival equipment shop, Sukiyaki(Japanese beef hot pot) restaurant etc. and make you feel local atmosphere.

Tourist Spot Map

You can access to all spots which we introduced in about 5 to 10 minutes from Asakusa station. If you have a chance to come to Asakusa, please try and go there.