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Photogenic spots in the Mt. Fuji area as recommended by locals!

Mt.Fuji-Tourist Attraction

Photogenic spots in the Mt. Fuji area as recommended by locals! 

Mt. Fuji – the highest mountain in Japan!
If you come to Japan, we want you to see Mt.Fuji for yourself. We hope you have a great stay in Japan!
Here we will introduce some key locations near Lake Kawaguchiko where on a clear day you can capture a beautiful Mt.Fuji view. The photos in this article were taken using just a smartphone camera.

Kawaguchiko Town Area

Kawaguchiko Bridge

2021.05.08 Photo by K’s staff

Kawaguchiko Bridge is located about 1.25miles from Kawaguchiko station and about 2.5miles from the Kawaguchiko interchange.
This used to be a toll road, but today you can pass through for free.
There are some free parking spaces around Lake Kawaguchiko, so we recommend that you park your car and take a walk along the bridge.

About 500 meters in length, this bridge crosses over Lake Kawaguchiko. This is special because Kawaguchiko is the only one of the Fuji Five Lakes to have a bridge crossing it.. You can get a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji from this bridge.


2020.10.05 Photo by K’s staff

Yagisaki Park

2021.05.23 Photo by K’s staff

This park is located on the lakeside of Kawaguchiko. Here you can see cherry blossoms in spring and lavender in summer. You can see a wonderful view of Mt.Fuji upon the hill, and almost the whole surface is grass, so you might enjoy spending time here.

You can relax and take a break here with a cup of tea on the roofed tables and chairs. There is also a café shop near this park that might be a good place to pick up and some food and drink to relax with.

Calling all café lovers - Kawaguchiko has you covered!
Kawaguchiko can be the ideal place to escape from the hustle and bustle of major cities. Many simply wish to unwind. With that in mind, here are some of the ideal places in the area to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace

2021.04.26 Photo by K’s staff

This facility is next to Oishi park. There are some shops here selling Yamanashi souvenirs, sweets and other Japanese goods. The buildings here were tastefully designed to be low-rise so as not to ruin the lakeside landscape. Oishi park holds an annual herb festival from June to July (this year it will be held from June/18/2022 to July/10/2022). The festival was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. There is still a chance the festival will be canceled this year, so please check the up-to-date information on the website before you come here.

2022 Lake Kawaguchi Herb Festival

Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace Official Website

Things to know - Enjoying Mt. Fuji in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
The Mt. Fuji area has numerous seasonal events that attract hundreds of people throughout the year.This article provides carefully selected specific seasonal events that we think you will enjoy. The author, a local to the area, hopes that this provides you with useful information for your trip.

Fujisan Deck

2020.12.18 Photo by K’s staff

Located in the herb garden, this is a thirteen meter tall observatory where you can view Mt.Fuji. You can also get a good view of Lake Kawaguchiko from here.
There is an interesting “Mt. Fuji quiz” you can try here. Sometimes, the reflection of Mt. Fuji can be seen in the lake – see this famous image for yourself!

Entrance Fees:
Adults …… 500yen
Children(elementary school to middle school age) ……300yen

Fujisan Deck Official Website

Tenku no torii

2021.05.23 Photo by K’s staff

We introduced this place in our article on “power spots”. This is a shrine gate called “Tenku no torii”.

Wonders of Mt. Fuji -Spiritual places on the foothills
What does the Japanese term, "power-spots" mean? Are there any around Mt. Fuji? Learn about some spiritual places recommended by locals from historical shrines to a newly emerged photogenic spot.

It is located about one mile from Kawaguchi Asama shrine. It takes ten minutes by car and about thirty minutes on foot to get there. The road here is narrow, so please be very careful.
Taking pictures with a smartphone is free, but if you have a more advanced camera, you must buy a membership card. It costs 500 yen and lasts one year.
The details are as follows.

Fujiyoshida City Area

Fujiyoshida city has a lot of spots where we can see beautiful views of Mt.Fuji.


Honcho Street

Here you can see the magnificent Mt.Fuji surrounded by charming signboards and streetlights, between the telephone wires of the shopping street.

If you come here by train, the nearest stations are Shimoyoshida station and Gekkoji station on the Fujikyuko line.
It’s really dangerous to take photo in the middle of the road. Please stay on the sidewalks.


Kanadorii is a torii gate that symbolises Mt. Fuji worship.

It is also called, “Ichinotorii”, which means “Torii1”. It is said that this is the traditional starting point for climbing Mt. Fuji. Kanadorii was first built in 1788, but due to age and damage caused by storms over the years, it has been rebuilt several times. The current structure was built in 1957.

Reference Link

If you come here by train, the nearest station is Fujisan(Mt. Fuji) station on the Fujikyuko line.

Fujiyoshida City Official Website

The Best

K’s House Fuji View

Photo by K’s staff in spring.

Photo by K’s staff in summer.

Photo by K’s staff in autumn.

Photo by K’s staff in winter.

All in all, the best view of Mt.Fuji is from the rooftop of K’s House Fuji View.
Only those people who stay at K’s House will have the privilege of seeing this luxurious view of Mt.Fuji.
The K’s House rooftop also has hammocks, so you can really relax and make yourself at home with a view of Mt.Fuji.


Here we have introduced you to some beautiful Mt.Fuji view spots around Lake Kawaguchiko and Fujiyoshida city.
You can be satisfied even if you take your pictures with a smartphone. We hope you can make new trip plans based on our articles.
If you come to Kawaguchiko town, please stay at our hostels, K’s House Fuji View and K’s House Mt. Fuji.
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