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Staff Recommends 6 spots in Gion Area

Gion Tatsumibashi


Gion Tatsumi Bridge, which often appears in drama shootings and TV travel programs, is located a short distance north on Hanamikoji Dori from Shijo Dori.

It’s a really small bridge, but it’s known as a photo spot in Gion.

You can enjoy the atmosphere of Gion whenever you go, not to mention the spring cherry blo

Gion Ichiriki-tei,

It is located at the corner of Shijo-dori and Hanamikoji-dori, is famous as one of the oldest teahouses in Gion.

Due to the unique culture of Gion Hanamachi, which does not allow first-time visitors, it is not possible to enter without a regular customer’s introduction, but it is worth a visit even from the outside.

Also, you may be able to see many maikos and geikos entering the store from the evening.


Built in 1202, Kenninji is famous as the oldest Zen temple in Kyoto.

It is located south of Hanamikoji Street from Shijo Street.

You can participate in a free meditation experience from 7:30 a.m. on the second Sunday of every month.

You can look around for free except for the main hall.

Gion Shirakawa riverside

Shirakawa, where Tatsumi Bridge is located, is always a popular spot, but if you go a little upstream (east) from Higashioji-dori on Shirakawa from Tatsumi Bridge, you will see a spot lined with weeping cherry blossoms.

It is a spot where you can enjoy a good atmosphere regardless of the season.

It is also a place of peace for locals.

Miyagawa-cho Street

One street east of Yamato Oji Street on the south side of Shijo, has many houses where maiko live and work, called Ochaya-san.

There are many teahouses in the Gion area, but Miyagawacho-dori is one of the most representative teahouses among them.

Issen Yoshoku

Issen Yoshoku, located a little north on Shijo Yamato-oji Street, is a famous restaurant that was founded about 100 years ago.

At that time, it was literally a snack for the common people that could be bought with a penny.

It costs 800 yen now, but it is still popular among locals and tourists alike.

It is a symbolic restaurant of Gion with its addictive taste, which is similar to okonomiyaki and has a thick texture.

Gion Tanto Kyoto-style okonomiyaki 

This is a restaurant where you can eat Kyoto-style okonomiyaki.

Kyoto-style okonomiyaki is neither Osaka-style nor Hiroshima-style, but rather okonomiyaki similar to Issen Western food, and is much more filling and delicious than it looks.

It used to be crowded with locals, but recently it has become popular with foreigners and is always full of foreigners.

The location is next to Tatsumi Bridge, making it a place full of atmosphere.

it’s recommended.

Back Alleys

When you think of Gion, many people think of Hanamikoji Dori, but if you go just behind Hanamikoji Dori, there are many back alleys where you can feel like you’re in Gion just by strolling around.

If you go to Gion, please take a stroll through the back alleys.

Manners for walking around Gion

The Gion area, which has a history of more than 1200 years, originally prospered as a town for those who went to visit Yasaka Shrine, and later became a geisha quarter and became famous as a town of Maiko and Geiko.

Currently, many tourists from overseas come to see Maiko and Geiko, but in recent years, the manners of tourists have become a problem.

When walking around Gion, please observe the following manners and enjoy the atmosphere of Gion.

・Do not chase Maiko and Geiko around and take pictures.

・Do not eat out or smoke.

・Do not enter private houses or gardens.

・Do not occupy the road by walking sideways.

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