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Top 17 Must Onsens in Hakone

天山湯治郷(露天) HAKONE

©Tenzan Tojikyo

Top 17 Must Onsens in Hakone

Hakone is one of the best hot spring areas in Japan, there are 17 hot spring resorts to choose from. About 25,000 tons of hot springs flow out each day, this puts Hakone on 5th place in Japan by the amount of hot spring water available in the area. There are about 20 different types of hot springs, such as alkaline, sodium chloride, calcium-sulfate hot springs and others. Some hotels have their own hot spring baths for guests to use, but that is only one of the options, since there are many hot spring resorts available for everyone. So even if you’re here just on a day trip, don’t worry, you still can enjoy hot springs to the fullest. Since there are too many to choose from, we decided to help you and made this “best hot springs in Hakone” list just for you. We hope this helps!

♨ For the latest information, updates and even coupons please visit each facilities official website ♨

Tenzan Onsen


©Tenzan Tojikyo

Tenzan Onsen is a well-known facility in Hakone area. It offers its visitors different types of hot springs; guests can enjoy both outdoor and indoor baths. Tenzan is located in the mountain area and is surrounded by forests, which makes it so attractive to visitors.

Besides hot springs guests can also enjoy sauna, massages, or simply taking nap in the rest area. There is also a restaurant available for Tenzan visitors.

Working hours: 9:00 – 23:00 (Mon – Sun) ※Reception Hours are only until 22:00.

Price: 1,300 yen (adults), 650 yen (children)

How to get there: K Line Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 8 min), walk (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 30 min)

Tattoos: ok (No groups are allowed)

*No Wi-Fi available

Website: Tenzan Onsen

Hakone Yuryo Onsen

©Hakone Yuryo Onsen

Hakone Yuryo is a traditional onsen which is located in a woodland area and is the closest one to Hakone-Yumoto station, you can either walk there or take a free shuttle bus.

Public baths are available for all visitors, but for those who don’t feel comfortable using public hot springs, Hakone Yuryo also offers private baths. Those need to be booked in advance and are more expensive.

Other facilities such as restaurants, sauna and massages are also available, please visit Hakone Yuryo’s official website for more information.

Working hours: 10:00 – 20:00 (Mon – Fri), 10:00 – 21:00 (Sat, Sun)

Price: 1,500 yen (adults), 1,000 yen (children)

How to get there: Free shuttle bus from Hakone Yumoto Station (takes about 3-5 min), walk (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 10 min)

Tattoos: not ok

Website: Hakone Yuryo Onsen

Tenseien Onsen


This hot spring facility is a part of a big hotel, but you don’t have to be a guest there to use it; everyone is welcomed. It was opened about 70 years ago and still remains as popular as it was.

There are many things to do and see there. There is a nice small garden, a shrine and even waterfalls. Tamadare waterfalls is very well known in the Hakone area.

Tenseien has an amazing restaurant with pretty decent prices and everything is super delicious, but it is available only for hotel guests and those who are willing to use hot springs. They also offer a beauty salon, karaoke rooms, massages, souvenir shops and sauna. Private baths are also available.

Working hours: 10:00am – 9:00am (Mon – Sun, is opened for 23 hours)

Price: 2,580 yen (adults), 1,320 yen (elementary school students), 990 yen (3 years old and preschoolers)

How to get there: City Loop Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 5 min), walk (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 12 min)

Tattoos: not ok

Website: Tenseien Onsen

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

©Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

Yunessun is an amazing place to spend time with your friends or family. There are two different areas available for visitors. First one is called Mori no Yu which is a traditional Japanese onsen (no swimwear allowed), mostly enjoyed by adults.

Second area is known as Yunessun where it is ok to wear swimsuits, in case if you don’t have one there is a swimsuit rental shop. This onsen facility is mostly known for its unique baths. Have you ever imagined a wine, or coffee, or Japanese sake bath? They have all of that in Yunessun. Guests can also use sauna, aroma room, fish foot bath, water slides, waterfalls and caves. Sounds amazing, right? Yunessun is a perfect place to spend your day!

Working hours: 10:00 – 18:00 (on weekdays),  9:00 – 19:00 (on weekends and holidays)


Yunessun + Mori no Yu area

3,500 yen (adults), 1,800 (children) 2,200 (elderly and disabled people)

Yunessun area

2,500 yen (adults), 1,400 (children) 1,700 (elderly and disabled people)

Mori no Yu area

1,500 yen (adults), 1,000 (children) 1,100 (elderly and disabled people)

How to get there: H Line Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 20 min)

Tattoos: ok

Website: Hakone Kowakien Yunessun

Yunosato Okada

©Yunosato Okada

Yunosato Okada is famous for its rock-made baths. Men’s area is called the “Wind Bath” and women’s area is known as “Moon Baths”. Both areas have 8 different hot springs available. There is also a possibility of private onsen rental, but reservation should be made in advance. Yunosato Okada offers its guests amazing views, while relaxing you can also enjoy the stunning nature of Hakone.

Working hours and prices:

11:00 – 23:00 (adults 1,450 yen, children 600 yen)

6:00 – 9:00 (adults 1,000 yen, children 500 yen)

Closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays

How to get there: You can either walk there (takes about 20 min) or take an A course bus from Hakone Yumoto station (5 min ride)

Tattoos: unknown (Please contact the facility for this information)

*No Wi-Fi available

Website: Yunosato Okada

Hotel Okada

©Hotel Okada

Hotel Okada uses five different hot spring sources, which are mixed together providing amazing healing effects. There are indoor and outdoor baths available for guests, as well as sauna, foot bath and even a bubble bath. Onsen is located on the 8th floor so you can expect some really amazing views from there.

If you travel with your family or friends you can also use a private bath for extra cost (1,100 yen per 45 min).

Working hours: 6:00 – 23:00

Price: 1,450 yen (adults), 600 yen (children)

How to get there: take an A course bus from Hakone-Yumoto Station(100 yen for adults and free for children), or walk there (it takes about 13 minutes)

Tattoos: not ok

Website: Hotel Okada

Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel

©Hakone Yunohana Prince Hotel

Among all the hot spring resorts mentioned in this article Yunohanazawa onsen is located at the highest point in Hakone. It offers its visitors Nigori-yu, which is a simple sulfur hot spring. So, if you are in the area, why not give it a try? The accommodation plan is recommended for those who want enjoy hot springs under the starry sky. This is a unique experience you should not miss.

Working hours: 13:00 – 18:00 (Mon – Fri), 12:00 – 18:00 (Sat, Sun)

Price: 1,800 yen (adults), 1,080 yen (children)

How to get there: H Line Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 30 min + 30min walk from A)

Tattoos: not ok

Yu-asobi-dokoro  Hakone no Yu

©Yu-asobi-dokoro  Hakone no Yu

Known for being a traditional Japanese local Onsen place with a scent of nostalgia and its affordable entrance fee, Hakone no Yu is a great retreat for couples and friends seeking for a quiet getaway in Hakone. They have a variety of bathtubs to offer, from Jacuzzis to something similar to what monks have trained with in ancient times. A stream of water cascading onto one’s back to hit those knots on their shoulders is one of the things offered in this Onsen facility as well. But what makes Hakone no Yu extra unique would be the Onsen they offer for our pet dogs as well. They have restaurants and massages within the facility, and you are free to bring food and drinks in resting areas, as well for better relaxation.

Working hours : 10:00 – 22:00

Holidays: Please check with them as the time is liable to change.

Price: 1,100 yen (adults), 550 yen (children)

How to get there: K Line Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 5 min), walk (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 15 min)

Website: Yu-asobi-dokoro  Hakone no Yu

Yoshiike Ryokan

©Yoshiike Ryokan

Yoshiike Ryokan is a great choice and highly recommended onsen facility. They have six beautiful public and private baths available. What makes this onsen unique is its garden. For day trippers they also offer a special plan which includes hot springs, garden access and carefully selected lunch set.

Working hours: 13:00 -22:00 (Available for 2 hours from check in)

Price: 2,250 yen (adults), 1,650 yen (children)

How to get there: 7 min walk from Hakone-Yumoto station

Tatoos: not ok

Website: Yoshiike Ryokan

Ryuguden Onsen (Prince hotel)

©Ryuguden Onsen (Prince hotel)

Ryuguden Onsen has its own history. It is one of the newest hot springs in Hakone. This hot spring was found only in 1987 and at that time it was called “Motohakone Onsen”. It is located near Komagatake ropeway, which make it a perfect day trip. After exploring Hakone Park area you can end your day relaxing in this amazing onsen. One of its absolute advantages is Lake Ashinoko and Mt. Fuji view.

Working hours: 9:00 – 19:00

Price: 2,080 yen (adults), 1,100 yen (elementary school students), 550 yen (3 years and older)

How to get there: Izu Hakone Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 65 min)

Tatoos: not ok

Website: Ryuguden Onsen (Prince hotel)

Hakone Yumoto Day Trip Onsen Izumi


Day Trip Onsen Izumi is pretty famous in Hakone area. It has a lot of good reviews, and from what we have heard guests are really satisfied with high quality hot springs and good service. What makes this place so unique is the hot spring source they are using which is the oldest one in Hakone. There are also nice restaurants in the neighborhood .

Working hours: 11:00 – 21:00 (Mon, Wed-Fri), 10:00 – 21:00 (Sat, Sun), closed on Tuesdays

Price: Price: 1,250 yen (adults), 630 yen (children)

How to get there: 7 min walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station

Tattoos: not ok

Website: Hakone Yumoto Day Trip Onsen Izumi



This onsen facility is one of the closest to Hakone Yumoto station, takes only 5 minutes to get there on foot. This is a pretty new place and a good option for day trippers, there are 6 different bath types and sauna available. Please note that there are no restaurants in Yajikitanoyu. For those who would like to have some privacy private rooms are available for only 2,000 yen per hour.

Working hours: 10:00 – 21:00 (Available for 2 hours from check in), Closed on Thursdays


Weekdays: 1,000 yen (adults), 500 yen (children)

Weekends and holidays: 1,200 yen (adults), 600 yen (children)

How to get there: walk (from Hakone Yumoto station it takes about 5 min)

Tattoos: unknown (Please contact the facility for this information)

Website: Yajikitanoyu

Kappa Heaven

©Kappa Heaven

Takes only 3 minutes to get there, it is located just above Hakone-Yumoto station. One of the amazing things is that from there you can see the whole Yumoto area, which is truly amazing. Kappa Heaven is a pretty old school type onsen, where you can experience a true Japanese vibe. They have open-air and indoor baths to enjoy, as well as foot bath. We really recommend visiting this small and cozy onsen.

Working hours: 10:00 – 22:00 (Mon -Sun)


Open air bath: 800 yen (adults), 400 yen (children)

Foot bath: 200 yen (adults), 100 yen (children)

Private bath: 1,000 yen for 45 min.

How to get there: 3 min walk from Hakone Yumoto Station.

Tattoos: unknown (Please contact the facility for this information)

Website: Kappa Heaven

Hotel Green Plaza Hakone

©Hotel Green Plaza Hakone

This is one of the best hot spring facilities in Hakone and it is famous for its superb location! While soaking in the onsen you can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji, which is truly an amazing experience. We recommend visiting it in late fall, winter or early spring when Mt. Fuji is cowered with snow. There are also private open-air baths available, but those need to be booked in advance. These private baths are limited to one group per day, so it is really important to make a reservation in advance if you are willing to use them.

Working hours: Business hours are subject to change to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please contact the facility regarding latest information.

Price: 1,600 yen (adults), 700 yen (children)

How to get there: Izu Hakone Bus (from Hakone-Yumoto Station it takes about 45 min)

Tattoos: not ok

Website: Hotel Green Plaza Hakone

Hakone Kamon

©Hakone Kamon

Hakone Kamon is a very beautiful ryokan, it definitely attracts a lot of attention. It is located pretty close to Hakone Yumoto Station. You can get there by bus, but we recommend walking since it only takes about 10 minutes. Here you can choose a day trip plan which includes hot springs, meal and resting area usage. Please check their website for more information regarding day trip plans and their prices.

Working hours: 10:30 – 17:00

Price: starting from 5,000 ~ (visit their website for more information)

How to get there: K Line Bus (from Hakone Yumoto Station it takes about 3 minutes), walk (from Hakone Yumoto Station it takes about 10 minutes)

Tattoos: unknown (Please contact the facility for this information)

Website: Hakone Kamon

Yasakayu onsen


©Hakone town office

Yasakayu is small, but a super cozy local onsen. This one is very popular among local residents and is a great choice for Hakone visitors. It feels like time has stopped there and you can really experience true Showa vibes. Yasakayu is more than 70 years old and it was opened back in 1949. After soaking in the onsen you can use a break room for only 100 yen, and you can bring your own food and drinks. The most crowded time is between 16:00 – 19:00, so it is better to use it before or after “rush” hours.

Working hours: 9:00 – 20:30, Closed on Thursdays

Price: 650 yen (adults), 300 yen (children)

How to get there: K Line Bus (from Hakone Yumoto Station it takes about 4 minutes), walk (from Hakone Yumoto Station it takes about 13 minutes)

Tattoos: unknown (Please contact the facility for this information)

Website: Yasakayu onsen

Sokokura Onsen Kanrei

©Sokokura Onsen Kanrei

This onsen is located in Miyanoshita area. The building itself is a very interesting piece of architecture. It was built in Taisho period (1912-1926) and is very beautiful both outside and inside. You can also have a nice chat with the owners and they will tell you everything about the building and its history. There is only one bath available, so we highly recommend calling them before your arrival. Kanrei also offers some dining options; here you can try yam, which is a famous local dish.

Working hours: 10:00 – 18:00

Price: 700 yen (adults), 500 yen (children)

*It is better to call them in advance and make a reservation

How to get there: take Hakone Tozan bus from Hakone-Yumoto station and get off at Miyanoshita Bus stop, then walk for another 10 minutes and you will see Sokokura Onsen Kanrei.

Tatoos: unknown (please contact the facility for more information)

Website: Sokokura Onsen Kanrei


There it is, we have introduced all the best hot spring resorts available in the area and perfect for those on a day trip, the rest is up to you. Enjoy and have a beautiful day. ♪


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