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10 live webcams which make you feel Tokyo 

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I wanna go traveling somewhere … 


Everyone might be thinking like this nowadays.  Me too..

I’m Nabe from K’s House Tokyo.  I myself love traveling and look forward to traveling in the near future. I’m writing this article for everyone who can’t wait to travel overseas, especially Tokyo.


I will introduce 10 live streams which make you feel Tokyo with description of the each location.  All videos are streaming for 24h / 365days and you can watch how Tokyo is now. I hope these live streams make you feel you’re traveling to Tokyo and help you make a plan for your trip to Tokyo in the near future.

* Some of live stream can be deleted.


Shibuya Crossing

Powered by YouTube “FNNプライムオンライン

This big crossroads  is in Shibuya, one of the most popular place to hang out for Japanese young people and it seems this big crossroads is kind of ” must see spot ” for tourists from overseas. You can enjoy shopping, gourmet and clubbing etc.. in Shibuya.


Tokyo Tower

Powered by YouTube  “LIVE-TOKYO-SKY

Probably this tower is the most famous architecture in Tokyo. Tokyo tower is in Minato-ku, one the poshest area in Tokyo, and the camera set in this tower shoots 360 degree view for 24h. When it’s nice out, you can see skyscrapers as well as mount Fuji far away.


Shinjuku ( JR Line )

Powered by YouTube “東京 新宿 鉄道 ライブ Tokyo Shinjuku Live Ch

JR is the railway company which covers most area in Japan. The camera shoots the trains which come to Shinjuku station, the busiest terminal in Tokyo. Train come and go frequently carrying a lot of passengers but they are pretty correct on time. You can see the trains which is the most correct on time in the world through this webcam.


Shinjuku ( Crossroads )

Powered by YouTube “新宿 大ガード交差点 Tokyo Shinjuku Live Ch

Shinjuku is one of the busiest area in Tokyo. Shinjuku is not only the business area where many companies have their own bases but also the downtown many bars, restaurants and shops are gathering.  Many locals as well as tourists visit this area and it’s always crowed for 24h/ 365days.




Asakusa is also one of the most popular tourist spots in Tokyo. Many locals as well as tourists from overseas come to this city to visit the Kaminarimon which is famous for a big lantern and Sensoji temple. You can feel the local atmosphere which is different from that of skyscrapers area here. The web camera set in festival equipment shop shoots the temple and pagoda for 24h.



Rainbow bridge

Powered by YouTube “FNNプライムオンライン

This video is streaming from nearby Rainbow bridge over Tokyo bay. You can enjoy skyscrapers and bridge view for 24h. Mainly cars and monorails cross this bridge but actually you can wade too. The bridge is lighted up at night.


Tokyo Station

Powered by YouTube “大丸有まちづくり協議会

Tokyo Station is located in the center of Tokyo and is the terminus of the east-west railway network. The area around Tokyo Station was once home to Edo Castle, where the Shogun lived, and the site is now replaced to teh Imperial Palace, where the Emperor of Japan resides. Because of it, the area around Tokyo Station is still a town of history and dignity, and the station area is one of Tokyo’s leading business districts with offices of major companies.



Powered by YouTube “オノデンch

There are many electric shops in Akihabara which is known as ” Electric town” and it’s always crowded with a lot of people who purchase electric appliances such as smart phone, PC, home appliances etc. Akihabara is known as sacred place for people who love animation and game too. There are many shops which sell animation things such as toys and figures here. You would be surprised by a lot of displayed girls animation picture at shops.


Tokyo Skytree

Powered by YouTube “日テレNEWS

Tokyo skytree tower is the tallest building in Japan which is in the eastern Tokyo area, Sumida district. Its height is 634m and this tower is familiar to people as a symbol of Tokyo as well as the original one which is in Minato district. You can enjoy the great view from the observatory as well as shopping at the shopping mall next to Skytree.  The tower is lighted up at night and its color changes every night.



Powered by YouTube “神田駅北口ライブカメラ

Kanda is one of the old town area in Tokyo. This area where used to be crowded with a lot of craftworkers and local people is currently business area where many companies have their offices and it’s bustling with office workers. This area is famous for gourmet such as Soba(Buckwheat) noodle, Japanese curry too. There are many cheap and delicious local restaurants loved by ordinary people here.



In the end, some of them are not 24h/365days available but I will introduce interesting live streaming channel as below.


“Terminal 1” “Terminal 3” HANEDA,Tokyo International Airport

Powered by YouTube “日テレNEWS

You can enjoy aircrafts at Haneda airport on this channel.


Tsukiji Honganji Temple live

Powered by YouTube “築地本願寺

This channel is powered by Tsukiji Honganji temple in Tsukiji, Tokyo. You can watch inside the Tsukiji Honganji temple from 6am to 4pm.


Kitchen DIVE ( Bento shop’s live Camera )

Powered by YouTube “お弁当屋さんのライブカメラLIVE camera 【LIVE】キッチンDIVE

The bento shop, Kitchen Dive, is streaming video which is shooting inside the shop for 24h/365days.


Location Map


In the end, we post the location map which shows where these places are. Please try to visit the spots if you like.

We are looking forward to seeing you guys soon in Tokyo !